Parents often ask themselves and the experts about the causes of ADHD in their children. They are often worried that watching too much TV might be the cause or they blame themselves for what they see as bad parenting. They sometimes think that bad schooling, lack of vitamins may well be the cause. However, research shows that genetic factors and biological causes are much more likely to blame.

What evidence is there to suggest a hereditary link? There seems to be a genetic tendency – about 25% of close relatives in families with ADHD are likely to suffer from this condition. The normal figure in the rest of the population is only about 5%.

What is the biological cause? Food colourings and additives such as E102, E104, E110 have come under a lot of scrutiny recently. In the latest study organized by the British Food Agency and published in the Lancet, the findings show that these colourings and additives in our kids’ food tends to exacerbate their levels of hyperactivity.

The neurotransmitters which help the brain’s nerve cells communicate with each other may well be affected by a chemical imbalance and thereby not function at maximum capacity. When this happens, the child with ADHD will show impulsiveness, lack of attention and concentration.

Many experts believe that if certain snacks and drinks are to blame for ADHD, why are there no warning notices on the packaging to alert parents ? If that were to happen, there would be social implications as well, because children like to eat the same things as their peers. We are only at the beginning of this research so further studies are necessary.

What drugs are used and how safe are they ? The most common drugs are :- Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin (stimulants). A popular non-stimulant drug is :- Strattera.

Do these drugs have side effects?. Much research is being done and there are concerns that children already with a heart condition can be at risk. Adderall was actually withdrawn in Canada for this very reason. Blood tests, blood pressure tests and monitoring of the heart need to be done regularly to make sure that the child is healthy.

Parents often seek alternatives to drugs. Diet, exercise and changes in routine can all have a beneficial effect. The great advantage in using herbal or homeopathic remedies is that they have no side effects and sedation is not a problem either. These remedies act by rebalancing any irregularities in the child’s brain and nervous system, thereby ensuring serenity and good health.

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