Women are at a greater risk for Depression than men, but there is help. This article includes some startling facts about Women and Depression.

  • One in four women will experience severe depression at some point in life.
  • Depression affects twice as many women as men, regardless of racial and ethnic background or income.
  • Depression is the number one cause of disability in women.
  • In general, married women experience more depression than single women do, and depression is common among young mothers who stay at home full-time with small children.
  • Women who are victims of sexual and physical abuse are at much greater risk for depression.
  • At least 90 percent of all cases of eating disorders occur in women, and there is a strong relationship between eating disorders and depression.
  • Depression can put women at risk for suicide. While more men than women die from suicide, women attempt suicide about twice as often as men do.
  • Only about one-fifth of all women who suffer from depression seek treatment.
  • Depression can – and should – be treated.


SAMHSA’s National Mental Health Information Center
Mental Health America

American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
202-336-5500 or 800-374-2721

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Colonial Place Three
2107 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201-3042
703-524-7600 or 800-950-6264

National Asian Women’s Health Organization
250 Montgomery Street, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94104

National Institute of Mental Health
6001 Executive Boulevard
Room 8184, MSC 9663
Bethesda, MD 20892-9663
301-443-4513 or 800-421-4211

National Mental Health Association
2001 N. Beauregard Street – 12th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22311
703-684-7722 or 800-969-6642

Society for Women’s Health Research
1828 L Street, NW, Suite 625
Washington, DC 20036

The National Women’s Health Information Center
A service of the Office on Women’s Health in the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Note: These are suggested resources. It is not meant to be a complete list.