Have you noticed how many people don’t believe in ADHD?

They say that ADHD kids have parents who don’t have a clue about discipline because they probably never had any themselves. Others think that teachers have turned soft and can’t control their classes anymore. While some point to the evil white sugar. It has to be all those things that makes ADHD kids so hyper, right?

Absolutely no.

Another theory is that you had a head injury or that you were dropped on your head as an infant. OK, then why is it that a majority of people with ADHD never had any type of head injury?

OK, so what’s the deal? Where does ADHD come from?

One scientific study done through PET (positron emission tomography) scans, showed a decrease in brain activity in regions that control activity and impulsiveness, and they have linked this to an inability to process glucose properly. They have also decided that ADHD is due to genetics. Your parents weren’t spineless wimps, your teachers weren’t lenient to a tear, and you probably never had an injury to your head.

Did you know that 25 to 35% of people with ADHD have parents with ADHD? In the general population, only 4 – 6% of people have ADHD with no genetic link, but who knows? I’m not a scientist, but couldn’t your 4th century ancestors have had ADHD and It’s just not showing up anymore? The point is, you are the lucky one to have ADHD. Be glad! You’re probably very smart. You’re creative. You have the ability to work on many different things at once. ADHD gives you an advantage that linear-thinking people just don’t have. In fact, It’s been postulated that ADHD is the next evolution of the human brain. Think of yourself as being in front of the curve. Over time, having ADHD may not be an issue at all.

I have ADHD and don’t use medication, though it can be helpful for some people. I find that learning ADHD-friendly systems works best for me, and using my strengths is what helps me to be successful. You need to find those areas of strength within yourself and use them. It’s the only way you’ll not just survive, but thrive.

ADHD doesn’t have to be a “disability” or a “disorder,” which are two negative words. No! If you have ADHD, chances are that you’re highly intelligent and very creative. More than that, you probably inspire the people working on a project with you to become just as excited and fired up as you are yourself! You are incredible and you need to start believing it.

As a kid, It’s hard to be the “kid who’s always getting in trouble” or the kid “who never shuts up,” of whatever. And if you’re one of the 15% of adults that still exhibit ADHD behavior, you might be having trouble with organization, having some kind of addiction, or spend too much money on things you really don’t need. You need to zero in on those weaknesses and address them. A good place to start is with a support group, whether It’s offline or online.

It’s a good idea to interact with other ADHD people. They understand your situation because they’ve probably experienced the same issues and feelings, and if they’ve been into self-analysis and improvement for a while, they may be able to come up with ADD-friendly solutions to help you. Of course, if you need to seek professional help, you should do that, too, and take medication if you find it helps you. Just take positive action to change your life, if you’re heading down the road to self-bashing. It’s the absolute worst thing you can do.