Many people simply want to know what the cause of depression is. If you are dealing with depression, you probably would also like to know what causes it, too. There are many different reasons why someone may have bouts of depression. It is impossible to pinpoint one specific reason and label it the cause of depression.

Biological vulnerability is one cause of depression. Some depressions can run in families. For instance, bipolar depression and major depression seems to run in families. Studies have been done which show that individuals who have bipolar disorder in each generation of their family have a different genetic makeup than individuals who do not suffer from bipolar depression. However, it is important to note that not every person that has the genetic makeup that would make them vulnerable to bipolar depression will develop it. However, there are people who develop depression who have no family history of the depression. So, suffice it to say that while biological factors can be one cause of depression, it is not the only thing that could be the cause of depression.

People who are vulnerable to depression seem to have a variety of psychological factors involved. Individuals who have a low self-esteem, who are pessimistic and who suffer from anxiety and stress seem to be more prone to having bouts of depression. A person’s environment can also have much to do with the cause of depression. If an individual grows up in a home where discouragement is the norm and pessimism reigns, the person may be vulnerable to depression.

It should be noted that life can be the cause of depression. If you have experienced the death of a loved one, gone through a chronic illness, have work problems, a family crisis or problems with your finances, you may be vulnerable to becoming depressed. All of these scenarios can trigger depression, especially for someone who may have biological or psychological factors already present.

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of people are diagnosed with depression each year. The best thing you can do if you are showing signs of depression is to be honest with yourself. If you think you are dealing with depression, go to your doctor. Many times taking an anti depression medication for a set period of time can kick the depression to the curb. If you do not seek out treatment for your depression, it could become worse. Depression can truly debilitate a person if left untreated. No one can “snap out” of major depression. Admitting a problem with depression is not a sign of weakness. If anything, it is a sign of strength.

If you know someone and he or he is showing signs of depression, it is a good idea to talk to him or her about it. Many times people get into a slump when they are depressed and they need someone to take them by the hand so they can seek help. If a person is suffering from major depression, setting up a doctor’s appointment may seem like a monumental task. Offer to do it for your loved one. Accompany your loved one to the doctor if it would make him or her feel better. Never put down someone who is suffering from depression or tell them to “get over it.” This kind of attitude can plunge a person into a more intense depression. If someone you love is showing signs of suicide, get help for him or her immediately. Don’t worry about the repercussions or if your loved one will be angry with you. The most important thing is that your loved one gets help.