Ok, it’s time! We have seen the pains to continue with the notion of “survival of the fittest” and we still can’t find out why we need to be at our wit’s end all the time. We all want peaceful and calm life without which the very existence becomes pain. We have corporate pressures to tackle, relationships to manage and at times, this all seems like a big burden that we have been exposed to in our life. Does life have to be so painful?

We all tried to be stress free but as we may we cannot live a life in this hectic world 100% stress free. Can we? If we practice with dedication and a slight disassociation from our ego then yes, it is possible to live stress free! There are some tricks.

Well, if we take a look around our past and our upbringing and all the struggles we have gone through in the past we will notice some interesting facts. When we were children, nothing in the world made us tensed or stressful. That was so because we were in the state of non-reactivity to the events of this world. That was easy! It’s not easy to continue with such states and life becomes less meaningless as we put emphasis on being rather than controlling.

We can enjoy the life if we begin being less afraid of what the life has to offer us and to accept it with a “yes ” and not caring about the need to control every situation and simply allowing the life to unfold itself. The life becomes a wind and we are like kites that can move around as free as it can be. Such a wind (i.e. what life throws at us) forces us not toward weakness but towards bravery and freedom. Just look at the kites when they move around in the wind during the season. We are not weak or helpless but we flow with power and we become stronger in all ways to adversity no matter what direction the winds may blow.

Eventually an overwhelming joy comes upon us as we remove all the fears and tensions. Constant laughter is one trait that we won’t like to miss and will put over other traits. When you are joyful and continuously smile or feel good, you will find that the constant bombardment of tension and negative thinking based thoughts become funny and ridiculous.

Start on and work on a regular basis (i.e. morning meditation, afternoon breathing techniques etc.) and soon you’ll find that the ability to see the humor is in almost anything that is enhanced and tries to come up to us! When you reach that condition you will find that a stress free life is not only possible, but easily attainable for anyone.

Stress free living should be made a higher priority in your life. You are the center of the universe and you are what you believe you are, your outer world will behave and adjust according to your inner space. Have a command of the world around you. The presence and enlightenment and the very nature of wondrous powers that we have been given by the Almighty that resides in all of us will lead us to the forefront of the collective consciousness of all humanity.

About The Author: Kelly Anderson writes on meditation and stress related issues. His site at talks how meditation techniques can change one’s outlook towards life and help live a healthy, peaceful, calm and successful life.