Crohn’s disease and stress have been discussed several times and many have, in fact, conducted various studies to determine if there is actually a relationship between the two. Studies are still being conducted to get more concrete evidence, if stress can be a causative factor for Crohn’s disease.

It is normal for patients suffering from Crohn’s disease to be extremely tired and exhausted, especially when the disease has flared up. They are tired from symptoms, such as continuous diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, and the incessant pain does not help the situation much. People suffering from this disease are also taking a lot of medication that may cause them additional discomfort due to their side effects.

Crohn’s disease and stress do seem to have some connection as people find that their symptoms seem to worsen or get aggravated when they are stressed out. They also have psychological problems as they are tired of the pain, are embarrassed due to diarrhea and gas. The fact that they are drained both physically and emotionally due to the condition may make them more vulnerable and susceptible to stress. Though the people may be eating well balanced meals, they may not be getting the requisite amount of nutrients due to impaired absorption of food as a result of inflamed intestines.

It is true that Crohn’s disease and stress do have a relationship. The more stressed out patients are, the worse is their condition. While stress is also said to have a role in causing Crohn’s disease, some people dispute such claims. When people are unhappy and suffering from anxiety and depression due to Crohn’s disease, they worry a lot, which can cause further stress. This stress can activate symptoms associated with the disease or even worsen the patient’s condition. In certain patients, Crohn’s disease and stress do not seem to have any connection. The extent to how stress affects a patient seems to be related to their capacity to manage and control stress.

Patients have found relief in managing Crohn’s disease and stress by taking stress management exercise such as yoga and meditation, aromatherapy and other alternative therapies. Support and love from close family and friends also help patients of Crohn’s disease. The patients also need to have positive thoughts and the will to face the life bravely. Interacting with other such patients who are successfully handling the stress and anxiety would go a long way in boosting such patient’s morale. They may interact with each other through an online forum and social meetings in order to exchange their experience with fellow suffers.

Crohn’s disease and stress can be controlled by ensuring that the patients get adequate counseling from a qualified professional. The patients also need to pay special attention to their diet. They must take supplements that will help their weakened bodies and take proper medication that will help keep their condition in remission.

A patient of Crohn’s disease can take up hobbies that offer them a chance to relax and enjoy life. If they have trouble sleeping, they can ask their physician for a medication that can induce sleep. If your child has the disease, make sure to create a positive environment around him/her and shower him/her with lots of love and support. It will help if you explain the condition to the school authorities too. Crohn’s disease and stress do have a connection; try and manage your stress and you may find that the disease may stay in remission for longer periods.