The Impact of Mental Health on College Students and Possible Solutions

Mental illness including stress, anxiety, and depression is one of the major issues among the college students. For incoming Freshmen, the changes in both the social and class structure can be a shock. Even older students can struggle, academic performance or education structure are the leading causes of mental illness in college youth. It leads to a decrease in grades and affects the performance and ability of student in one or other manner. Many students may not know they can find study groups to help them get through tough classes and even websites to give them assistance writing essays like papercheap.

The cause of mental illness in college students include problems like failures, time stress, tough competition, academic pressure, mental breakdown and a variety of other problems. With an increasing number of students, colleges must have counseling centers or mentors and mentee programs to help them.

College students are the future of our society as well as the world, and hence their mental health is a critical factor for everyone. Many factors affect the student’s life and its mental health and leave an effect on day to day life, study, work, enjoyment and most importantly on health.  Risks associated with a long time psychological problems have chances to convert into physical illness.

The primary causes of these psychological problems among college students are drugs, stressful life, illness, financial problems, family crisis, change in environment, academic failure, etc. but someone says few lines very well that “we are human and we can’t control everything. So when you find such situations, have faith and relax, life will find the best way for you only if you are willing to do something better for your life.”

For Bright future of any society, the bases are students and their wellbeing. But if we can look at the figures from a report- “Studied to analyze college environment in various years” by Young, then these problems vary between 2% to 50% of total student. So what are the possible and obvious reasons for their mental health issues? Fear of academic excellence, financial condition, living away from the family, a feeling of isolation and loneliness, conflicting relationship, increasing complexities in the academics and many more.

To find that a student is suffering from mental health issues, we have to first look at the symptoms. To find that we have to look for some factors like depression cases in the family or any depression history of the person or medication history, whether a person is taking any drugs or alcohol or not and he/she handling negative thoughts of suicide and death.

There are some medication and treatments like antidepressants and psychotherapy help to treat the students. However, in some cases, the student is treated with both options that are a combination of medications and treatments. The treatment includes cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT).

Even the education institutes also take some preventive action like conducted workshop and seminar, identify the students and help them, develop counselling centres, take a survey in students, etc. and prevent the risky situation in students.

In the end, mental health issues are a significant and severe problem in today’s youth. In my view, instead of treating it, try something to prevent it.

Photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash