Since the year 2000, the Alzheimer’s Association has noted there have been an increase in deaths by 89 percent because of Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia. Every minute of the day, there is another person who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia. Today, there are more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. By the year 2050, Alzheimer’s will cost the USA around $1.1 trillion. These are staggering figures and quite disturbing to see. This may indicate that more work in the medical field needs to be done in order to fix this disease that impacts so many people.

It’s hard to think Alzheimer’s could kill more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer together. You may think the most common thing people pass away from is breast or prostate cancer but the truth is its heart disease. Alzheimer’s sits at number six. Despite that, it sits in the top ten reasons for someone dying within the USA. That is a concern no one should take lightly whatsoever. And it is not a peaceful path to rest. You are often fighting against your own mind and where it’s taking you. In Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia, it’s not easy to recognize what is the here and now and what happened in the past.

You may even forget the love of your life’s name or the identities of your children. Considering the very challenges you might face can be a tough recognition to come to. Memory loss is only one of the cognitive functions you may begin to experience. Communicating or finding the right words to speak might be something you start to experience. Your ability to rationalize or come to a conclusion about things may be also impaired too. In addition to handling difficult tasks such as organizing or planning a vacation trip, you could become confused and disoriented very easily too.

And it’s not just the cognitive abilities, your mind might also begin to change too. You may experience a great change in how your personality is. Depression and anxiety could be a few of those side effects. At one point, you might have been a very happy person but then dementia struck and your entire mind changed to that of being more depressed and anxious. The very fact you cannot remember things could be one of the things that lead to this change in you. It may make you more agitated. If you do not have good control over your memory, you might become paranoid and untrusting of those around you.

You might have developed dementia because of the damage your nerve cells underwent in your brain. There are indeed rehab options for dementia out there. You might begin to peruse the best rehab centers in California to see if you might find any. The danger is to make sure you do not abuse the very drugs offered to you. According to Prevention Tactics, twelve to fifteen percent of seniors seeking medical attention may abuse their prescription drugs. This might be the case for any senior struggling with dementia and taking rivastigmine or galantamine to maintain their brain function.

Such drug abuse is likely to happen and could give you a greater need to look out for the best rehab centers in California. However, a dual diagnosis program may be good to solve this issue. Alzheimer’s rehabilitation, in particular, can offer you support you need to help manage these side effects. Continuing socializing as well as physical movement helps in addition to maintaining your health and nutrition. Keeping daily scheduled activities can allow for these things to occur.

You want to try to attempt completing as many of your daily activities as you can on your own without assistance from others. You may be given cues from others that love you and want you to be able to succeed in everything despite your mental impairments. Be prepared also you might have things such as car keys taken away from you because of the risk to your health. During your rehab, you may work with a caregiver and your loved ones to attempt to rectify the cognitive and mental faculties you now experience difficulties with.

Going to one of the best rehabs in California may not be the easiest thing for you. You might not realize completely why your loved ones are taking you there. Yet, it may be for the best and you might be able to gain back some of the mental or cognitive functions that have been lost. Working with a caregiver can provide you potentially a new lease on life. Take the chance to see just what exactly you may be able to get back.

About the author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, addiction and recovery and the entertainment industry.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash