What makes your stress worse? Your job? Money? Moving? Love or lack of it? Physical or emotional pain? Your in-laws?

How much of your feeling of stress is based off of your current situations, and how much is based off of your past situations? You probably know what I mean by that, but the answer is not always clear when you’re in the middle of it.

You are aware that managing and reducing stress can prevent lots of problems. Problems with health, sleep, poor diet potential addiction, and more. Stopping these problems before they start is just smart.

I know you wouldn’t choose to have problems with your blood pressure, heart, or trouble sleeping. But, ignoring your stress is very close to doing just that.

Some people with high stress look to avoid the discomfort by looking for pleasure to cover it. Things like watching TV, movies, medications, smoking and other addictions.

Lots of people believe prescription medication is the only choice. If there were an easy, medically studied and safe method to relieve stress, wouldn’t you try it?

If it really worked, I know you would.

Like most people, you have probably watched TV or a movie to help you relax. Does it help? Yeah. It gives you a distraction. Something else to focus on and think about, right? But there really isn’t much “thinking” going on… it just indirectly creates a more quiet state of mind – for a while.

People get this state of mind with creative visualization, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and deep prayer.

These things technically achieve a mental state of hypnosis. Since it is a natural state of mind, it takes very little practice to regularly get this hyper focused state.

You actually go into a light state of hypnosis several times a day anyway. And to do it on purpose, with the intention of relieving stress, is quick and proven effective.

There are medical clinical studies in the National Library of Medicine you can research on www.pubmed.gov.

Physical and mental stress reduction is possible in just a few short minutes.

Getting help from a well trained and reputable hypnotist or using a quality hypnosis audio at home to relieve stress is a wonderful choice. Hypnosis can more reliably help your stress, and hypnosis has no side-effects.

Please note: Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958, But, it does not replace traditional medicine.