Seven Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

As a busy mom juggling everything you have to do in a day can be a real headache and too often when multi-tasking becomes too much the first thing to fall through the cracks is your fitness program.  It’s easy to say “I don’t have time to work out” or “how can I take away from caring for my kids to get in a workout?”, but it’s not necessary to put your health on the back burner and if you want to keep up with that schedule it’s important not to.  Here are seven tips to help you get the workout you need despite your busy schedule:

1. Workout in Bursts

Getting in a workout doesn’t have to require spending hours in the gym. You can get plenty of exercise in a short amount of time, such as when your kids are napping or playing sports or going to dance class.  With home gym equipment working out is even easier.  In fact, using one of the best ellipticals for home, such as the Nordic Track, can provide a complete cardio workout right in the comfort of your own home.  But even without equipment you can still get in a walk or run or do a set of aerobic or cardio exercises.  The key is taking advantage of the moments that come along instead of using them for something else.

2. Put Exercise on Your Schedule

When you’ve got an important appointment, a business meeting or a date you don’t want to miss you usually write it into your calendar so that you don’t forget it. When you see something written down it not only serves as a reminder but can also help to stress the importance of that event.  So if this works for other appointments, why not for exercise?  It can be all too easy to put off your workout if you’re too busy, too tired or have too many other things to do.  In order to avoid falling into this trap, write your exercise into your schedule and you’ll be more likely to keep that commitment.

3. Know What Kind of Workout You Want

Another big stumbling block to working exercise into your day is figuring out exactly what you want to do. The more you can plan this out ahead of time, the less excuse there will be for not getting it done.  Whether you want to go for a run, work out on the treadmill or one of the best ellipticals for home exercise, or even do a yoga session, set your mind on what you want to do and then stick with it.  This way you’ll be able to get your workout in when your schedule allows without taking extra time to get all setup and ready to go.

4. Work the Kids into Your Workout

Getting in a good workout doesn’t mean shortchanging your kids. You can actually include them in your workout time so that you don’t feel guilty and they don’t feel left out.  If you’ve got a little one, tuck them into the jogging stroller and take them with you on your run.  Not only will this give you extra resistance for a better workout, it will allow you to have some quality time together.  And the two of you might even discover that it’s a lot of fun!  As they get older, they can exercise with you, which can be a unique way for you to bond.

5. Take Advantage of Play Time at the Park

When you take your kids to the park to play, make use of that playground equipment yourself. Believe it or not, that equipment can be put to good use for getting in a good workout.  You can use the jungle gym to do chin ups, balance beams to do stepping, or benches for incline push-ups.  That way, instead of wasting time sitting on the sidelines you can make good use of it and get your heart pumping and your muscles working.   And since they’re getting to play, your kids won’t be likely to complain so it’s a win-win!

6. Create A Support System

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting a workout is finding the motivation. Having a support system around you can go a long way toward providing the encouragement you need so that you can keep your eyes on your goal.  Family members can be good cheerleaders but equally important are other busy moms who understand the challenges you’re facing.  They can give you tips on how to manage home, kids and fitness routine and will be able to empathize with the stumbling blocks you encounter along the way.  Feeling like you’re not alone in your efforts can make them much easier to manage.

7. Go Easy On Yourself

Probably the most important tip for any busy mom is not to be too hard on yourself. Managing all of the facets of your life isn’t easy and there will inevitably be times when you feel as if you’re shortchanging one area in favor of another.  Remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to take time for yourself, including the time to exercise.  After all, how are you going to get everything done that you need to do if you aren’t healthy?  Exercise isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and you need to treat it that way without the guilt.

Photo by Justyn Warner on Unsplash