I was reading an old blog post entitled “Do Not Let Parenting Stress You Out” by Stan Popovich and I suddenly remembered Janet’s parenting experience. She’s a wonderful mother whom I met in California 6 years ago. Two years after she got married, she and her husband were blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Anton. Janet said that her mom was the most excited person to see Anton the moment he was born. She even shared that raising Anton during his first 4 years was never hard for her because she makes it fun and because she has a very supportive and helpful mom. Looking at Janet’s story, I can see how lucky she is and how fun and easy her parenting life was during Anton’s first 4 years because she had a mom who helps her with taking care of his son. Parenting along with your parents can be challenging, but it can make a difficult time much easier.

I admit, raising a child is harder than birthing them and it’s a lot harder (especially for first time parents) whenever they get sick or if they start throwing their tantrums and when they never listen to what you say. Sometimes you even yell at them or cry in the room particularly if things are uncontrollable. Well I guess, this is a very normal scenario in the household especially if you have kids. Perhaps, this could be one reason why a lot of married couple are still satisfied of not having a child, yet. But I would say that being a mother or a father is a very fulfilling job. Your child’s simple smile, their warm hugs and kisses can take away your stress, making your day a complete one.

Although some people don’t like the idea of getting help from their parents when raising their own child, but as long your parents are willing to give their hands sometimes, then why not? Considering that your child is their grandchild, I believe they care for them as much as you do. But remember, they are your parents and not your spouse so don’t give them too much burden of changing diapers. It’s a lot more acceptable to share the responsibilities to your husband, right?

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Parenting Along With Your Parents

Simple rewards for your helpful parents

Having said earlier that raising a child is hard, I believe that your mom (or dad)’s aching joints and muscles could be struggling every time your active baby is bouncing and bouncing (I can attest that myself). Your mom could be quite old now but she still helps you whenever your little one gets sick and cannot sleep at night. When your little one gets confined to the hospital, your mom would probably help you with simple but helpful things like holding the sick baby when needed or takes care of your other kiddo while you and your husband is at the hospital. These things are few of the simple and helpful commitments that your parents will do for you and to their grandchildren so it would be great that you also give some simple rewards for them.

Know What They Love. If your dad loves to go fishing, ask your husband to spend a day with him in his favorite fishing spot. You could also treat your mom in a spa or go in a botanical garden with her along with the kids.

Send A Thank You Card. Although this is quite old fashioned but your parents (especially your mom) would love this. Write your personal thank you message to them. I am sure they will be touched by it.

Big Family Picnic. If your family loves to go for a picnic, why not do it along with your parent. It’s going to be really fun. Or you can spend a day at the beach.

Is your parenting fun? Are you getting some help from your mom or dad in raising your naughty kiddos? How do you say thank you to them in helping you? Do you have one in your mind now? Share it now!