Increasingly in the world, it has been recognized how local and world politics affects human beings, their lifestyles, and their mental constructs. At a time when many people are rebelling against ultra-religious extremists and austerity budgeting, it seems the perfect time to examine what is working and what isn’t. This is the first article in an occasional series. These are opinion pieces and reflect only the view of the author.

No Marketable Job Skills? Here Is Your Perfect Job!

Want a job that pays $400,000.00 a year and you don’t have to know a thing to get it? Want lifetime pension and secret service protection for free? Well, you are in luck! In November, there is a job opening that needs to be filled – PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

No Marketable Job Skills? Here Is Your Perfect Job!

No Marketable Job Skills? Here Is Your Perfect Job! Even when a President starts with high hopes and ideals, political realities can mean little progress gets made in many areas. This election season we’re facing one candidate who seemingly has no good intent.

Yes, there it is, I said it. Aside from their citizenship and age minimum, there are no requirements to be POTUS. They do not need to able to think, to debate, to compromise, to propose good legislation and get it passed. Convicted felon? That will stop you from voting in many states, but you can be president.

The odd thing about it of course, is that the clerical staff, paraprofessional support team, even the housekeeping staff have to demonstrate that they have required job skills. Interviews and often testing will confirm those skills. A business can require many interviews with lots of in-depth discussion about the field that help reveal a potential employee’s values. Background checks, credit checks, and even drug testing are all routine for those seeking professional jobs. Most professional jobs require college degrees, but not for POTUS.

That being said, is it any wonder that this year stunningly unqualified candidates are running for office? People with diagnosable personality disorders are in serious contention for one of the most powerful positions on the planet. However, nowhere is it written that the POTUS needs to demonstrate knowledge of history and foreign policy, of diplomacy or governance.

Americans want a president that is a strong leader, a principled person who is committed to the constitutional rule of the country and to the well-being of the citizens within it. It requires a broad skill set, a strong moral compass, an ability to bring people together and to work toward the common good of all Americans. And if this is what we want, what qualifications would we expect the best candidates to possess?

Perhaps the crux of the matter is why do candidates “run for office” instead of “apply for a job”? Why is it more important to shake a candidate’s hand than to examine his professional skills and psychological fitness to hold office? We are seeing the current roster of mostly unqualified candidates today because we didn’t define and hold them to a set of standards that reflect what they bring to the table as candidates. It would be impossible for a healthy business to run this way. It certainly has not been healthy for this country.

In the past, it has been argued that the process of running for office would somehow reveal the best candidate but in 2016, there is virtually no journalistic integrity so as a populous, we are completely at the mercy of what they think is important for us to know. Broadcast media has made themselves obsolete by refusing to report the news. They make news, they distort news, they ignore news, and they use news to sway mass opinion. So today, they flood their shows with sensational journalism, with superficial chatter and blatant propaganda, instead of genuine investigative journalism.

It is therefore appropriate to call on congress and the current administration to develop a reasonable job description, skills requirements, academic requirements, government experience and psychological testing for candidates for POTUS. This will give citizens a more focused and appropriate way to determine who should be hired for the job. It will also give a forum to discuss what, as a nation, we want our leader to do.