Discovering and Publishing Facts About Its Spectacular Early Successes

Early AAs claimed a spectacular 75%-to-93% documented success rate in the Akron and Cleveland, Ohio, areas among “medically incurable” alcoholics who “really tried.” Yet today, some scholars and government experts believe A.A.’s success rate is as low as 1%-to-5%. Something has changed!

Early works on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous, covering its critical developmental years from 1931-1939, are now more than twenty years old. My own research of the last ten years, analyzing that same period, and my fourteen published titles about it, have unearthed, pinpointed, detailed, and documented the six major spiritual roots of Alcoholics Anonymous and their impact on A.A.’s early successes. Other recent writings have covered some specific historical personalities that figured in the post-1939 period, but did not flesh out our early spiritual picture. This despite the fact that A.A. is appropriately called a spiritual program of recovery.

My purpose here is therefore to present, for all to see, my “agenda” concerning early A.A. history. And to put in the hands of AAs, the recovery/treatment community, and the Christian community, the facts about the historical role played by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in the success of early A.A. Also, how that knowledge may be used to help carry the message to those who still suffer today.