So you are battling depression? Why?

What has occurred that has led to this day and the battle of you living with depression?

It is a known fact that depression does not just occur one day out of the blue, there must be a tipping point. There must be a starting point, something that is more stressful or emotional than usual.

With a difficult childhood there can often be dark emotions that can come back to life as an adult and lead to a horrid battle of emotions that can cause depression.

Those who experienced the abuse of a bully may also have a return of those feelings as an adult which can lead to depression later in life.

Childhood issues surrounding feelings of neglect, rejection or abandonment can also resurface in adulthood and can lead to stress and depression.

Repressed feelings and buried childhood issues can often surface in adulthood both surprising and shocking you. Ignoring the issues might work for the short term but it will not work in the long run. Counseling and medical management can help to provide the outlet you need in order to deal with the issue to keep it from controlling you and turning into a depressive episode.

The death of a parent or spouse when you are a young adult can also lead to a case of depression. You might feel resentful if you feel like you had to grow up too fast or even if you had to miss out on things that others your age were enjoying.

The end of a long term relationship or even a marriage can also lead to excessive stress and if not dealt with properly can lead to depression.

Physical, psychological or sexual abuse can lead to depression as an adult or even as you age if you have not dealt with the issue or acknowledged the abuse you endured. Stress of this sort certainly requires you to spend time working through the issues so that they do not overtake your life.

The loss of employment or financial pressures can also lead to excessive stress which can, as you know, lead to depression.

Depression can also occur as a result of stress associated with death, criminal activities and the loss of health and wellness.

Illicit drugs and excessive alcohol can result in depression. Certain drugs can initially give you a boost of happiness and feelings of euphoria however, there are just as many drugs and too much alcohol can cause you to feel down, depressed, defeated, and flat.

So while there are many reasons for depression, you can see that it does not have to be a stressful event that occurred just recently. Reasons for depression can be a result of something that happened many years ago and has been repressed as you have gotten older. It is amazing the many things that can cause depression but the true amazement is when you decide to deal with the stressful issues and manage the event and tackle the beast of depression.

Regardless of the cause of depression, getting treatment for depression is a very smart thing to do.

Do not be a victim of depression, decide to live well.

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