Category: Stress

How Space Is Good for Mental Health

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by … well, everything? Maybe you’re feeling anxious and stressed on a frequent basis? When you’re constantly in “go” mode and you’re making commitments and chasing deadlines, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. But this mindset is a drain on your mental health. Sometimes, just getting away and making time for yourself is all you need to reset and feel better.

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8 Ways Overcome Clutter Anxiety and Take Back Control of Your Life

Living in a constant state of chaos and disorganization causes anxiety, inability to focus, and significant loss of productivity. Scientific studies show that clutter is bad for you, both physically and mentally, yet millions of us continue to drown in a sea of our own possessions. Here are eight simple steps to help you empower yourself to release your attachments and create the freedom you crave.

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