Inflammation as a Symptom of Pathological Disorders

Decades of research in the field of medicine have proven that inflammation in the body is mainly a sign of severe health problems. In recent years, there has been proven a connection between the presence of inflammation in the organism and degenerative conditions, such as arthritis, several types of cancer, cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases, etc.

Inflammation is a reaction to the hyperactivity of our immune system. It comes to inflammatory process when our health is endangered by some harmful substance, toxins or foreign body. Medicines used to treat inflammatory processes belong to the group of corticosteroid. In our body, these hormones are responsible for numerous physiological functions. Synthetic substitutions for corticosteroids, which are the type of selective glucocorticoid receptor agonists, are used for pharmaceutical purposes.

Dexamethasone in the form of the Decadron

Dexamethasone is one type of an integral corticosteroid used in the treatment of pathological changes caused by inflammatory processes. It can be used in the treatment in the form of tablets, drops, or as injections, which in the case of arthritis will be given directly to the wrist.

In addition to preventing and treating inflammatory processes, Decadron, a Dexamethasone-based medicine, can also be used to prevent allergic reactions, to treat certain autoimmune diseases, or as a steroid supplement when our body is not able to produce the hormone in sufficient quantity.

Side effects are common because the body needs some time to get used to the regular amount of corticosteroids. In the first days of the therapy, fainting, an instinct for vomiting, feeling of weakness in the muscles, and increased appetite can occur. After the cancellation of the Decadron therapy, these symptoms should withdraw, but patients should pay attention to more severe contraindications, such as bleeding, extreme fatigue, persistent headaches, and tiredness which last longer than a few days.

Decadron and cancer treatment

One of the drugs that have been widely used in treating diseases related to inflammation is Decadron. In one of the cases in my close environment, this drug was part of the treatment prescribed to a person with diagnosed cancer of the duodenum.

Dexamethasone is the active substance of this drug, well known and often used in medical practice. In the previously mentioned case, it can’t be said that the application of Decadron will help to cure the already existing illness. Instead, the drug is prescribed to boost the patient’s metabolism to deal with the problem.

When patients buy Dexamethasone which shows an anti-inflammatory action and reduced synthesis of prostaglandins – the substance responsible for the formation and spread of inflammatory processes. After chemotherapy, doctors mainly prescribe drugs based on corticosteroids. Since the immunity is significantly weakened, it needs all the available help to protect the organism against potential dangers, and participate in the healing process. Decadron acts to suppress the action of the immune system, which makes it useful for preventing an allergic reaction to chemicals used in chemotherapy. This drug is also used to alleviate the pain associated with cancer.

By using Dexamethasone in cancer patients, there may be some side effects that are actually beneficial for them. An example of this is enhanced appetite, which helps patients suffering from eating disorder because of chemotherapy. Another “positive” side effect of this medicine is a reduced level of calcium, which is useful for patients with bone cancer who often have high levels of this mineral in the blood.

Decadron and arthritis treatment

Arthritis is a disease that is associated with degeneration of the bone muscular system and hits both younger and older population. This disease occurs gradually, with a slow development of symptoms, which can last for weeks, even months.

The first discomfort that you can experience is the morning stiffness of one or more joints, which is accompanied by pain in every move. The pain of this type is most often manifested after training or some other strenuous activity, and these are the normal occurrence that should slowly disappear within a day or two.

However, if the number of affected joints multiplies, this is the most common sign that an inflammatory process occurs in your joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is easily perceived. The most common symptoms are morning numbness and pain in joints, which last for a couple of hours. In addition to the indications, there are general symptoms of the inflammatory disease: loss of appetite, physical deterioration, fever, and vomiting.

Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory effect, Decadron has proven to be effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Recent research has shown that this drug does not only affect the reduction of inflammatory processes; it also prevents structural joint damage, especially if it is applied in the initial stage of the disease.

The paradox of using Decadron is that it weakens our immune system, and, at the same time, affects reduced inflammation by diminishing the activity of “participants” in this process.

Decadron injections, drops and lotions

Although it seems painful and very unpleasant, sometimes Dexamethasone in the form of injection is better and more efficient solution than a pill. Since injection is given directly into the wrist, the composition of the drug introduces straight into the body, and the absorption process begins earlier.

Decadron in the form of drops is used in inflammatory processes located in eyes, ears, or on the nasal mucosa. This drug is used when there are indications that viruses and bacteria can exacerbate the symptoms of the infection. In this form, it serves to prevent conjunctivitis, glaucoma, as well as in patients with diagnosed blood or lymphoma cancer.

Decadron in the form of the topical cream is most often prescribed in patients in whom the symptoms of an allergic reaction occur on the surface, that is, in several skin conditions, as well as in the case of rheumatic diseases. No direct application of the cream or lotion is recommended if there is an open wound on the skin surface.

Photo by StevePB from Pixabay.