Seasonal Affective Disorder is not an easy disorder to diagnose because most of the time it passes as light depression. However, if it is left untreated for a long duration, the possibility of its getting worse cannot be overruled. It may start off slow with the person feeling a little low during certain seasons but may grow gradually into a disabling disorder affecting one’s normal life to a very large extent. It can throw one’s life out of gear.

Generally, those suffering from this disorder feel that what they are feeling is nothing more than helplessness of a temporary kind. Then, gradually it gets serious and the season starts making them increasingly depressed. It is only when the problem becomes unmanageable that the experts are approached.

Many of the studies on the subject have shown that one out of every ten of us has suffered from the disorder in some form though it cannot be considered a disorder because it occurred once in a while. It becomes a disorder only when it starts affecting a person regularly and its impact disrupts one’s normal life.

The disorder is indicated by extreme sluggishness. So much so that people tend to sleep for more than 10 hours everyday, and even after that feel tired on getting up. It is true that the disorder can cause depression, but it is equally true that it might also be a contributing factor. Studies have shown that those who are suffering from depression of some kind are more susceptible to the disorder. The studies connect the disorder to lower exposure to the sun because a lack of sun makes the body to produce lesser amount of vitamin D, which can be a cause of the disorder.

The disorder is found to affect people of all ages but is not found in young children and tends to dig its claws on women of above 35.

If there are symptoms indicating Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is advisable that you seek expert assistance immediately because it can sometimes be cured simply by a making a little alteration in one’s diet. The treatment for the disorder is relatively easy and quite effective. So, there is no point in continuing to suffer from it.