If you’re down in the dumps or feeling completely defunct, hostile and sluggish, then you’re prone to depression which can turn out to be a serious issue for you. It is a clinical condition just as real as fever. The basic concept of distinguishing between depression and a bad case of the blues lies in the intensity and frequency of the symptoms or feelings. The reason behind a person suffering from depression can be anything starting from unemployment, grief, trauma to financial problems.

Whenever you feel the symptoms of depression like mood swings, too little sleep or even too much, hopelessness, excessive alcohol consumption by you, etc. you must understand that this is the high time you start taking some precautionary measures against the condition.

So, today I want to suggest some extremely helpful to things you can do if you ever feel a bit even that you’re on the verge of getting into depression. I am sure these will prove tremendously beneficial to you.

Have a better sleep

In the preliminary stage of Depression, the one symptom you start feeling at the very beginning is sleeplessness. You must start taking the light sleeping pills. This will not allow the condition to take the toll, but you’ll feel relaxed as the chemicals will balance the neurotransmitters in your brain and will thus give you a proper sleep.

Maintain a proper diet

Some of the diet patterns that are prevalent in depression are ignoring meals, improper diet and an acute crave for sugar. So, if you identify any of these patterns in yourself then start eating a low-fat diet with veggies and fruits. This will help keep your sugar level stable. Another type of food that works wonders for those with depression are those rich in folic acid and omega-3-fatty acids. These foods can help reduce mood swings and help ease depression.

Set your goals

If depression is taking hold inside you, then you’re certain to feel sloth and sluggish. You’ll often have complaints of lack of concentration. But, you should compel yourself to set some daily and realistic goals and also genuinely abide by the same. These will let you be active. The accomplishment of small tasks on daily basis will certainly make you feel good and reduce depression.

Go for exercise

What can regular exercise do for you? It helps release feel-good chemicals known as endorphins in your body. These can have long-term benefits for people with depression. It seems like regular exercise encourages the brain to rewire itself in positive ways. But you don’t need to run marathons to get a benefit. Just a regular morning in the gym can help. People who take care of their health and fitness are happier and live a longer life than those who don’t. Working out for an hour in the morning can do wonders, while keeping you healthy, both physically and mentally.

Take a swimming session

This is yet another helpful way to whack the demons of depression. To dive into ten feet of cold water loaded with chlorine might not sound appealing to you, but that unquestionably works. Swimming is particularly potent at shrinking sadness and panic. It effects that way because the act combines stroke mechanics, repetitiveness, and breathing. It is certainly a form of medication which involves whole-body moving.

Do a new task

If you’re somehow feeling that you’re getting depressed, then you’re in a rut. In that context, you must push yourself to do something new and adventurous. Go for a historic excursion or museum. Pick up a comic book and read it on a park bench. Cook some new dishes. Take a foreign language class and the list goes on and on and on.

When you challenge yourself to do something new, there are some changes in the wonder chemical ‘dopamine’ of your brain. This hormone is associated with pleasure, learning, and enjoyment.

Get rid of negative thoughts

When you’re fighting against chronic depression or want to fight against the initial feeling of the same, you’ve to do a lot of mental work- changing your thinking. You jump to the worst possible conclusion of anything when you’re on the verge of getting depressed. So, next time whenever you feel terrible about yourself, you must use logic as a natural treatment for depression. It takes time, but gradually you can beat back those negative thoughts before they get uncontrollable.

So, next time you feel any damn symptom of this clinical melancholy, make sure you follow my words and fight against the same. And always believe that stars can’t shine without darkness as well as remember the following utterly true words:

‘I have depression. But I prefer to say I ‘battle’ depression instead of ‘I am suffering’ from it. Because depression hits but I hit back. Battle on.’