How to Prevent Anxiety Disorders after Having a Baby

In most cases, women who give birth to their first babies experience a lot of anxiety. Others develop anxiety while still expectant and this is a condition that has been identified to be unhealthy to you and your baby. Anxiety, which is the normal human emotion may be very dangerous when not controlled at the right time. Due to anxiety, it has been reported that a number of women end up developing the antenatal and postnatal depression. Despite the fact that mothers will feel the apprehension role after giving birth, it’s always activated by anxiety. When such mothers fail to deal with the situation appropriately, it is likely to lead to other related side effects of anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety after Birth

Some of the major symptoms associated with anxiety after birth are restlessness, inability to concentrate, irritability, and sleepless nights. Besides these, women who experienced anxiety during their pregnancy will also develop symptoms like; change of appetite, loss of weight, muscle tension, and insomnia.

Apart from these, the other symptoms like dizziness, sweating, short of breath, heart palpitations, and hot flushes are experienced by women who are affected by the panic attack.

How to Prevent Anxiety during Pregnancy and After Birth 

Since it has been reported that anxiety that women experience during and after birth may be very dangerous to her and the baby, it is important to prevent any kind of anxiety during such times. Some of the best ways to prevent this include;

Prioritize your life and the baby

Due to the risk that you may be putting your baby, you will always find all reasons to avoid any kind of necessary anxiety. To avoid this, you need to look out at and keep off from every possible cause of anxiety.

Keep off from substance abuse

It has been approved that the use of substances like alcohol and smoking may lead anxiety. This, therefore, implies that you need to stop using the substance in case you are an addict. Besides alcohol, you also need to stop the use of nicotine and caffeine.

Keep yourself busy

Whenever you are expecting a baby, it is always advisable to interact with friends and relatives whenever necessary. This will enable you to stay focused instead of thinking hard of your baby. In case you are not able to easily interact with others, you can keep yourself busy by watching or reading your favorite novels.

Act quickly

In most cases, the symptoms of anxiety may always not show up early enough. However, when you realize that you are anxious, mostly when expecting a baby, you need to find a quick solution to it as a soon as possible.

How to Treat Anxiety Disorders after Birth

Seeking Aid

It is evident that a number of women will not be willing to share whatever they are feeling with others. This is the reason why most of them spend a lot of time on their own, which will definitely worsen the situation.

Despite the fact that there are no medical cures for anxiety, finding an ideal remedy will be very appropriate. The first step to deal with anxiety after birth is to identify its related symptoms. To identify this, you can always use the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, which is a tool meant for assessing the women’s PND risk. This scale will aid you in identifying the key symptoms of the anxiety. With this, you will be able to find the right cure or remedy to manage the symptom.

Apart from finding out the related symptom, you can also treat anxiety after birth by seeking an early help. A number of women will know that they are facing certain challenges due to anxiety, but never mind to speak it out. Whenever you fail to treat anxiety in its early stage, you will definitely worsen your condition. This is the reason why you need to seek the advice of an obstetrician or practitioner, who will advise you on how to manage the condition. Through the aid of a health expert, you will learn on how to manage such condition so that it doesn’t have any effect on your baby and your health even after birth.


After finding out the symptoms or getting advice from an expert, you will now need to follow the right procedures to recover sooner. Here are some of the steps that will enhance your recovery.

Healthy diet 

You need to maintain a healthy diet to aid in restoring your health. In your diet, you need to exclude the processed foods since they contain high saturated fat, which is not healthy for your body at this moment.

Regular exercise 

Apart from maintaining a healthy diet, you will need to do daily exercise. This is ideal for reducing the symptoms of anxiety. Besides this, exercise will also boost your metabolic system, which has a positive impact on your recovery. Exercise also enhances your mood and improves a sense of well-being. This is because it boosts the production of endorphins hormone that is responsible for improving your moods.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

In other cases, you may also opt to undergo this kind of therapy that will aid you in recovering from anxiety.

Consequences of Untreated Anxiety 

When you fail to get a cure for anxiety during or after birth, you and the baby are likely to suffer certain consequences. Some of these include:

  • Poor metabolic system
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Development of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease

Anxiety is a condition that may easily deteriorate your life when not properly handled. It is, therefore, advisable that all women find it a necessity to report any form of anxiety in its early stages. You can always visit your technician during pregnancy and he will diagnosis for any anxiety related symptom. Once you have confirmed that you are experiencing anxiety, you need to find the best cure. This will not put your life at risk and that of the baby too. Having a healthy diet, regular exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy are some of the best ways that will enhance your recovery process.

Photo by Chiến Phạm on Unsplash