Migraine is a chronic neurological disease. In this disease there is recurrent of headaches . Here headache affects one half of the head. Migraines are effect by environmental and genetic factors. There is severe pain in head which frequently attack after some duration of time .A migraine is occurring suddenly. It is basically occur when person is mentally depressed and under high tension. In this head and neck muscle are greatly affect due high tension. It creates high pressure on arteries and reduces the blood flow. Then when ever person relaxes suddenly then constricted muscles expand due to this blood vessel wall  get stretched and at every heart beat , blood  pushes these vessels and expand them which cause intense pain.


  • Stress
  • Hunger
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • Changes in barometric pressure
  •  Tiredness
  •  Poor quality sleep
  •   Missed, delayed or irregular meals
  •  Dehydration
  •  Alcohol
  •  Tea and coffee


  • Constipation
  • Ingestion
  • Cold and flu
  • Headache
  • Depression

Home remedies for migraine:

There are some home remedies by which we can able to control over the migraine .Following are the some home remedies:

  1. Ginger is especially effective against migraines. Ginger helps in control the nausea and severe pain. It act as natural pain killer and anti –inflammation .
  2. Drinking a cup of rosemary tea. It gives relief from headache from getting worse.
  3. Eat at regular food in specific interval of time and avoid skipping of meals.One should take a health diet .
  4. Grapes are very important for the migraine treatment .One should take juice of ripe grapes. As it give relief from the pain and maintain blood circulation.
  5. Apply a paste of ground clay or sandalwood to the forehead if it dry then rub off by hand and wash with water.
  6. Drink a teaspoon of honey in warm water, this is going to help you from pain and remove toxin from the body.
  7. Massage forehead, temples, neck and shoulder muscles properly it will help in improving the blood circulation in upper portion of the body.
  8. Carrot juice with spinach or carrot juice with beet is very effective in the migraine.
  9. Rice, salad and buttermilk should be consumed as it gives boosting to the body.
  10.   One should avoid oil in food .So always consume cooked vegetables without oil which is benefited for body.
  11. Over eating should be avoided .One should take small meals in 4-5 times in a day.
  12.  Drink lots of water as it remove toxins from body. This will be neutralize the body .
  13. The crust of lemon is very much beneficial for headache .As crust of lemon should pounded into fine paste and apply it on forehead .It will provide great relief from the pain.
  14. Mix 1 tablespoon of salt in the water .Put this water in each nostril .This will be greatly helps in drain and unclog the sinuses and relieve from the pain.
  15. Take 2 tablespoon of aloe Vera gel in a day because it removes the toxins from the body.
  16. Almonds are natural remedy and a healthier for body. It acts as a pain reliever because it contains called salicin. So regular eating of handful wholesome nuts.
  17. Peppermint oil has a wonderfully soothing effect headache. It can be applied to various parts and give relief from pain.
  18. Eat less chocolate has it increase the blood flow and increase the headache.
  19. Drinking cumin-coriander tea regularly .As it helps in the removing toxins from the body.
  20. At night time, go for massage with bhringaraj oil or bhrahmi oil on sole of our feet and on scalp. This will improve the blood circulation and give relief from the pain.

There are some Herbal Remedies for Migraine  that help in reduce the number of migraine headaches. Avoid sleep deprivation and lots of stress and maintain a regular exercise program and good nutrition. Other techniques like yoga, meditation, and diets may also be helpful. All above mention home remedies will help in controlling the condition of migraine so much. By doing yoga we can easily control over the stress and depression.

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Dr. Vikram Chauhan is an Ayurvedic practitioner based in Mohali, India. He is spreading the knowledge of ancient healing treatment Ayurveda, not only in India but also abroad. Dr. Vikram has conducted many seminar and workshop on herbal treatment in various nations. Read more www.planetayurveda.com