Everyone wants to be happy, but we hardly ever stay happy for a long duration. Due to hectic schedules with a little or no recuperation time, one tends to get stressed. Stress can be called as big killer of 20th century. Stress can be due to any reason. It might be from work burden, from studies or due to monotonous lifestyle. Reasons of stress may vary from person to person but the consequences are almost the same.

Stress opens up gates for other diseases like insomnia (lack of sleep),irritation, health related problems like gain of weight and even sometimes fatal diseases like heart attacks. One must know how to manage stress well if he / she wants to live a longer life and happily. Though the degree of stress and ways to combat stress
varies from person to person but one must know how to deal with stress in an effective manner.

First and the most important you need to know what the root cause of cause is. In other terms, you need to find stressor. Stress can be due to any type of activity, work pressure, any person or situation. It can be combination of all of these even. Predicting your stressor is an important thing as only you can find ways to vanish your stress. This is same as exact search of wound in order to apply medicine there to heal it. After identification we can react to it.

Second step in beating stress is to identify the symptoms of the stress. Different people react differently to same situations. One in stress can get tensed, other person can get irritated and third person can shout or can start speaking loudly, few other starts to eat excessively when they are stressed. Thus, your reaction varies but you need to zero in the symptoms of stress. Moreover, knowing your stress symptoms will be handy next time when you get stressed as you can easily predict it.

The next step is to understand your body reaction to stress. It might be that your body reacts in physical manner or due to chemicals that run through your body. This is important as self diagnosing stress will allow you to know the solutions for over coming your stress.

Now comes the major part. You need to manage your stress. The solutions known as stress busters will vary from person to person but the goal remains the same always i.e. to restore the normal state. If you are feeling anxiety, you can always beat stress by taking deep breaths. For some people, listening to loud music acts as a stress buster. Moreover, you can take a bath if you are feeling stressed to calm your nerves down and you will feel relaxed.

If your body reactions are due to chemical effects that run all through you, then you should seek doctor and consult him aschemical changes can affect your health both in short term as well as long term. Those people who tend to get stressed regularly other stress busters like yoga, meditation and exercise are present which helps them to beat stress and stay happy.