Press Release: How to be found online.

Mental Health Matters has been a partner with TherapySites for many years, and many of the visitors and authors are mental health professionals. With Google putting more emphasis on mobile friendly websites, TherapySites is offering a new deal that I wanted to share with you all.

Since the Internet’s inception in 1992, over 40 percent of the world’s population is currently connected to the Internet. With Google now processing around 40,000 searches every second, it’s more important than ever to maintain an active online presence. With the billions of searches occurring every day, therapists need to understand the importance of having an effective website that others will find among the thousands of other established sites.

How to be found online? A man with a metal detector.

How to be found online?

Even if you’ve spent time and money on getting your website functional, new visitors are only going to give you about five seconds or less to impress them before they move on. If you take a look at your website, is it engaging and attractive? Will it pique interest? It is clear what services you are offering? Can they easily contact you? Is it updated regularly? Just as you would prepare to sell your home, you want to have a trusted realtor who will help make your home valuable to your prospective buyers. Take this same stance when creating your site. Make sure it’s created for the mental health industry and includes your own personal flare with easy navigation. After all, this is your first impression.

However, this all won’t mean much if your site isn’t bringing in a regular flow of traffic. You can’t leave your website alone and expect the proper return. Instead, the foundation of your website lies in the variety of features you offer. If competitors’ sites allow clients to pay bills and schedule appointments online, stay up-to-date with online resources and reach online newsletters but your website does not, then chances are good that this client won’t even stumble upon your site. Ultimately, the more your site has to offer, the more attractive it will be.

When it comes to increasing the amount of traffic to your site, search engine optimization (SEO) offers the best results. SEO makes it easier for search engines (e.g. Google) to understand the purpose of your website and how it can be useful to those searching for related information. Furthermore, optimized content is one major way for your website to attract more traffic from both search engines and site visitors. Besides having content that is well written and interesting, your site must also contain keywords that naturally drive traffic.

By utilizing optimized content, you can also share this information through social media networks and reach an even larger audience. From blogs to posting on social media, staying connected is just another way to target other potential clients. In fact, about 54 percent of doctors turn to social media to promote their business. Why aren’t you?

Running a successful SEO campaign involves using key marketing strategies while also offering optimized content. However, knowing where to start when it comes to creating your online presence can feel daunting. That’s why TherapySites, the leading provider of web design and online solutions for mental health professionals, is offering Mental Health Matters members a special offer of One (1) Month Free – with no set up fees and no contracts. The TherapySites team wants to help you succeed and stand apart from your competitors with a website that is created for your industry and includes the necessary tools for an effective online presence. Save $59 and get 30 days free by visiting TherapySites and entering promo code PromoGMH.