In 2014, the UK Daily Mail reported that around one-third of people struggle with depression, stress or that “burned-out” feeling within their workplace. Eighty percent of those people experience loneliness and isolation as a result. This is based on online research, released in 2014 by the Depression Alliance for the Depression Awareness Week. That same research noted that seventy-one percent of the people in the study found speaking to a colleague about their condition helped to alleviate them of their loneliness or isolation. This one of many techniques that can help you in avoiding depression in the workplace.

Any number of depression symptoms could be happening and you may not recognize your depression. It may not always be clear when at the workplace. You may not be getting enough sleep the night before. You may be eating too much or not enough. You might have started to drink more than normal amounts of alcohol. These are signs that you are experiencing depression. However, there are strategies like talking to a colleague about your anxieties. Making use of these strategies can help to alleviate the burden you have placed on your back.

For your own sanity, it is important you do not allow work to envelop your life. While your job is necessary for not only your financial and physical well-being, you should pay attention to the mental and emotional impact as well. If it begins to affect you, you might need to speak to a psychiatrist about possibly getting an anti-depressant to assist with the negative emotional feelings. You can help yourself in your recovery from your mental illness by maintaining a mindset that not everything will be perfect right away– not only in the workplace but in interactions with your doctor. Too many people expect perfection to be immediate and it often takes time for not only learning the job in the workplace but also in treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Start drinking green tea and get rid of coffee and any saturated fat foods.. Coffee can cause you to feel anxiety, which can lead to depression. Green tea has many health benefits with antioxidants that can lead to a better feeling of happiness and overall well-being. This can be a part of improving the work conditions for yourself in the office. In addition, you may want to make sure there is proper lighting and a window that might allow air in. Keeping a clean desk and a plant might make your work environment all a bit better.

Most of all, you will want to maintain a consistent schedule. If you spend all your hours at the office and do not have a social life with family and friends, you might begin to experience these feelings of anxiety and depression. By taking care of your mind and body, you might begin to see a positive change in your job performance and overall feeling about your job.