If I ever had any doubts about the heavy hand of profit-making pharmaceutical corporations in science research, this Science Daily abstract relieved me of those doubts:

Drug Therapies, Parent Training Help Children With ADHD, Severe Aggression

Date: September 3, 2014
Source: Stony Brook University

Summary: “Prescribing both a stimulant and an antipsychotic drug to children with physical aggression and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), along with teaching parents to use behavior management techniques, reduces aggressive and serious behavioral problems in children, according to a study.”

Simply put, violent kids were tranquilized and subdued using not just one, but two poorly understood, powerful psychiatric drugs whose operation in the brain is not understood, which have never been studied in children, and whose long-term effects are completely unknown. Nice work, “researchers”!

Then the part that made me laugh hardest: “…along with teaching parents…”, because researchers designing “studies” that tranquilize children with psychiatric cocktails as though they are wild animals are certainly in a position to include “behavior management techniques” for parents, hahaha!

There is no acceptable or sane rationale or justification in any known or unknown universe for a child to be drugged into submission — through the abuse of stimulants and anti-psychotics — under the guise of science. My child was extremely violent; I know what that is. Call it state or corporate control, but don’t dress it up as science.

If this hadn’t been published in Science Daily, it could instead have come out of the pages of a Paddy Chayevsky screenplay. A “scientific research study” that forced anti-psychotics and stimulants on violent children is the thing of satire and science fiction, not science as we would wish it to be.

Or, science has in fact evolved to the point that it is simply an extension of the corporate Agri-Pharma-Industrial Complex. The Bourne Identity of science labs, and any idea to the contrary is the wishful thinking of a child expecting to receive a gift under his/her pillow from the Tooth Fairy and receiving a dose of Seroquel (TM) instead.

Let me see how this happened: Once upon a time, a pharmaceutical corporation’s psycho-pharmaceuticals division saw its sales of formerly top-selling stimulants and anti-psychotics dropping slightly. Troubling for second-quarter earnings reports!

The sales team was called into action, and after cross-country calls to friendly pediatricians and pediatric psychiatrists, salespeople deduced that there was an opening in juvenile facilities and child psychiatric units for mood-calming products, since poorly trained workers couldn’t restrain violent children or teens without inadvertently killing them, which created litigating parents and bad press.

Salespeople were dispatched to a few friendly university research labs, promising funds for a new study. The university labs were thrilled, since all grad and post-grad students have bills to pay; so they created a little study on how best to “treat” violent children. Lo and behold, the best way to treat violent children was to pile on not just one but two powerful psychiatric cocktails, which effectively killed two birds with one stone. It knocked the wild kid out cold for hours and tranquilized him for days, and it sold two of the company’s medications at once. Ace drug study! High fives all ’round!

Nobody knew what long-term effect the drugs would have on the children’s still-developing brains, and nobody knew how the drugs operated in the brain. But, no worries! They wrote exactly that in convoluted legalese in five-point print in the package inserts so that everyone’s liability would be lightened down the line. The science lab workers and nurse-on-contract all had a few months of a study, and the psych ward workers had another bullet in their arsenal in the continuing war against children. Everyone wins!