The disorders, which are categorized by the nervousness and fear are anxiety disorders. They are mental disorders. In this disorder, the patient takes tension about the future aspects and these aspects affect the present situations. There are many types of anxiety disorders like panic disorder, separation phobia, social stress disorder are some of the types of anxiety disorders. The patient suffers from the problem of increasing heartbeat and unsteadiness during this mental disease.  Different types of anxiety disorders have different features but all the features are related to the root or the source situation that is anxiety.

Causes of anxiety:

  • The root cause of this disease is trauma, such as death of loved one.
  • Another main reason is stress. The stress can be of any type such as school, money or relation.
  • Areas with high altitudes where the oxygen level is low also cause this disorder.
  • Addiction towards drugs like cocaine also is the reason of this disease.
  • Medicinal side effects are also counted as reason of anxiety disorder.


  • Problem in sleeping
  • Sweaton hands and feet
  • Mouth dryness
  • Muscle strain
  • Breathing problems
  • Problems related to heart may also occur

Home remedies of anxiety:

Chamomile- The other name of this herb is Matricaria recutita. The property of this herb is that it calms down the body and provide relax to the mind. It also binds the brain receptors.

L-theanine- This is also known as green tea and it helps in raising the heart frequency and blood pressure of the body. It is a good remedy for anxiety if taken in a certain amount.

Hops- Humulus lupulus or hops are present in beer. This herb is bitter and is mixed with mint for consumption. This herb promotes sleep and has other magical effects when mixed with valerian.

Vitamins- Many vitamins are helpful in the condition of anxiety. Vitamins like magnesium, b12, b1 can be included in the daily diet to avoid anxiety and its symptoms.

Passion flower- This herb is helpful in relaxing the nervous system of the body and is used as a medicine in insomnia. This herb must not be consumed for more than a month.

Tips to prevent anxiety and its symptoms:

Daily exercise- It is the best prevention technique of anxiety because it provides flexibility to the muscles. This flexibility decreases the mental as well as physical stress of the body.

Quit alcohol- Alcohol and nicotine reduce the symptoms of anxiety temporarily is a fake statement. Instead of reducing, they increase the risk of the symptoms and may lead to other severe diseases.

Taking a bath- Taking bath with hot water can reduce the stress levels in the body. Apart from the symptoms, it also relaxes the whole body. However, it is not a permanent cure for this problem.

Meditation- Mindfulness meditation is the best way to reduce the problem of anxiety. With regular practice of meditation, one can achieve great relief in anxiety disorder.

Music- One can hear soft music, which relaxes the state of mind. These natural sounds include chirping of birds, the flow of the water stream, the movement of tress etc.

Breathing exercise- Anxiety disorder includes breathing problem as one of its symptoms. Deep breathing exercise can help in improving the natural flow of oxygen in the body.

Pets- Pets are the best friend of human beings and they can help a lot in reducing the stress levels in the patients of anxiety. The patients can go out and play with them, which helps in this condition.

Healthy food- Eating healthy food is a proven measure to avoid different ailments. Healthy diet maintains the blood sugar and keeps the body stabilized and charged.

Sleep- Irregular and incomplete sleeping habits invites anxiety in a person therefore, person must just perform the opposite that is he must take a good and sound sleep. Before going to bed if the person listen to soft music or perform mental exercise then the results turn more effective.

Anxiety is not a big problem if understands the risks and precautions of this disease. The effective remedies of this disease are available in home itself but these remedies are to be taken on regular basis.