mental health matters Author Guidelines

mental health Matters encourages Guest Posts as long as the article is:

  • Over 500 words in length, but we prefer a word count between 1000 – 1500 words.
  • Unique and not “spun” or simply reworded to sound unique.
  • Well written, I do not have time to edit poorly written Guest Posts.
  • Informative, telling me the same thing that every other article about Depression does is not informative.
  • Most important of all, however, the article must be relevant to our audience, that means the article must relate to Mental Health in some way.

We will not even consider content that does not meet these criteria.

We prefer a word count between 1000 – 1500 but understand that the word count can vary. However, for SEO purposes, the minimum acceptable word count for Mental Health Matters is 500.

Photos For Your Articles

  • All Featured Images should be posted at a size of 1920 x 1280.
  • Featured Image Credits should go at the bottom of the article. (See the example within this Post)
  • Inset Images should be posted at a width of 800 pixels and a maximum height of 600 pixels. They should be aligned in the center.
  • All Images should be free of Copyright Restrictions.
  • When possible should include a credit at the bottom of the article underneath the image. (See the example within this Post)

While I prefer Dynamic Photos, you may choose your own art for your piece though I may make a suggestion if I disagree or feel a different choice may have a stronger impact.

Image Sources:

Dofollow Links

At 500 words, you can include 2 dofollow links to your website within the article itself. We will allow an additional dofollow link for each additional 250 words up to a limit of 6 links. We do not limit nofollow links, but do be reasonable with them – too many links and we will refuse your article.

We allow one dofollow link within the Author Bio. Please note that this is a “Site Wide” Author’s Bio that we will create for you with your help. Send a short bio about your site that you want included. You can also choose to include a short bio for the author at the end of the article in which no dofollow links will be allowed.

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