Gig Employment Can Be a Boon for Those with Mental Health Issues

When you suffer with a mental health concern, finding employment that helps you flourish is vital.  You need an environment that is supportive to your needs and encourages your well-being.  Thanks to the gig economy, there are unique opportunities for you to bloom.

Work that works for you.  One of the keys to improving your quality of life is finding fulfilling employment.  As explained by the International Bipolar Foundation, research reflects that working benefits those with mental health disorders.  The structure, sense of purpose, and interaction with others are all pluses.  It’s important to find work that fits well with your interests and aptitude, your personality traits, and doesn’t exceed your limitations and personal barriers.  Also, consider finding a niche that allows you to be creative in some way.  Some studies suggest that creativity improves mental wellness, reducing stress and anxiety, decreasing depression, improving positivity, enhancing the function of the immune system, and increasing self-esteem and feelings of achievement.

Gig benefits.  Gig employment, which is temporary or freelance work, offers a number of benefits to those with mental health concerns.  You can enjoy flexibility and independence, creating your own work day structure, environment and pace.  As some experts note, many gig workers benefit from obtaining positions with small companies, since they are more apt to receive personal attention and be treated well.  Once you find your direction, you can benefit from being your own boss and embracing the flexibility of gig employment to help reduce excessive stress and anxiety.

Establishing your gig.  How do you lay a foundation for growing your gig?  USA Today recommends developing your brand as one of your first steps.  Your business identity can be somewhat fluid as you change to meet market fluctuations and growth, but you’ll want to establish a name and logo that clients will associate with your work.  Put some thought into a clever name for your business, and as some experts advise, choose something that is straightforward and easy to pronounce.  You want a name that reflects your work and plan.  Contemplate other businesses with names that stand out and why they work well.  Find something unique and intuitive, since you’ll want a business name that functions well when people are looking for you via the web.  Check in with a free business name generator to ensure you grab something catchy that isn’t already tied to a website domain.

Embrace promotional tools.  Don’t be shy about your new adventure!  Tell people what you’re doing, and let them share in your journey.  By making others a part of your development, they will feel invested in you and your work.  The digital age offers a tremendous variety of tools.  Create a website, and publish your accomplishments there as well as via social media.  When you finish a job, ask for referrals and reviews, and also publish those great reviews on your webpage.  Keep collecting samples of your work to use in your portfolio, and update your profile regularly.  Not only will you benefit in terms of connecting with others through sharing, it gives you an opportunity to reflect on your progress.

Talking it up.  Word of mouth is another terrific advertising tool, so be sure to give your customers great things to say about you.  As explained by Business 2 Community, great customer service is a top priority when growing any small business.  Do your work in a timely manner, be professional, communicate well, and stay positive.

Growth through a gig. The gig economy offers great opportunities to those with mental health concerns.  Find a niche that fits your interests and abilities, and establish yourself thoughtfully.  Promote your new gig and offer great customer service.  Your gig business can be a key to prosperity and happiness!

Image courtesy of geralt on Pixabay.