For parents, just making sure your child is physically fit and healthy can feel like a full-time job. But parents should also be aware of potential mental and emotional problems that can affect a child’s development, because they can be just as serious as any physical ailment and carry on through adulthood.

Here are some useful tips on what parents need to know about spotting the signs of depression in children and how professional care, combined with skillful parenting, can help restore and promote a child’s good mental and emotional health.

Cause and symptoms

Depression can be caused by any number of factors: traumatic events, such as the death of loved one or divorce among parents; a chemical imbalance in the brain; mental or emotional problems that run in the family.

Irritability, chronic fatigue, social withdrawal, poor school performance, lethargy and mood swings are all signs to look for in depressed children, abnormal sleeping and eating patterns are also common in children suffering from depression.

Parents need to pay close attention for warning signs and then seek professional help from a medical expert if they believe their child id suffering from depression. Early detection and treatment of mental illness is crucial for children, and early intervention and management leads to happier and healthier child and adult.

Effective treatment options

Childhood depression can be successfully treated with professional counseling and, if necessary, medication. Counseling usually includes both the parents fully engage in their child, so It’s important that parents fully engage in their child’s treatment. If medication is prescribed, then parents need to closely monitor their child to determine if it is working as intended and that no harmful side effects are present.

Supportive parenting

Aside from seeking professional help, the most valuable thing a parent can do for child suffering from depression is to provide strong emotional support. A child, even if depressed or emotionally detached, can sense if his parent are working for his recovery.