You should be aware of the early sign of depression for arresting it in time. Those who have been in this situation will be able to confirm how painful it is to have a family member suffering from depression. This is a very slow and silent disorder which can create havoc in a family’s life, unless it is diagnosed and treated in time. A depressed person usually shuts down all types of communication, leaving the rest of family isolated in their doubtfulness regarding the reason for such a development.

Thankfully, There Are Clear And Early Warning In The Form Of Signs Of Depression

The relentless awareness campaigns regarding depression have at last paid off. People all over the world know today that depression is a disease, emotional disease that can be treated like any other disease. They are not confusing the sign of depression with madness and mental instability anymore.

Most of the symptoms of depression are clear as the daylight. Some others stay hidden and undetected until It’s too late. Such people pose as extroverts and mix freely with people at office, at picnics, etc. while inside they are detached and uninterested with life overall. There are sufficient early signs of depression in everyone – all you need to know is when and where to look.

In order to find out whether a person really likes you or is pretending, you will need to watch his/her mouth while smiling or laughing. If the person likes you when he/she smiles, this will reach the eyes. You will find that the person is smiling with the eyes as well as mouth. If he/she is pretending, the smile will never reach the eyes. This is one of the early signs of depression.

Other significant signs of depression are feeling of worthlessness, incapability to work (threatening to leave), inability to concentrate, inability to remember things, total detachment from favorite things, constant talk about afterlife, death, God, and so on. A set of totally different symptoms can appear if a person suffers from manic depression; a condition where the mind alternates between extreme ups and downs. It will be obvious, even after discussing for a little while, whether the person is depressed or not.

Do not get taken in by dazzling smiles. Many times, people are hiding their pain and insecurity behind a positive attitude. There have been instances where seemingly totally healthy people turned around and committed suicide owing to trivial discussion/ happenings. These people actually are suffering from depression.
Learn to identify the signs of depression at a glance as you might be instrumental in saving another persons life.

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