If you are a parent whose child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, do not get unnecessary tensed. You will be amazed to know that some of the greatest men in history had similar disorder in their childhood. Can you imagine, the immensely talented and remarkably successful in their respective fields, Beethoven, Agatha Cristie and Walt Disney were believed to run the symptoms of ADHD? Some of the greatest scientists of all times like Einstein, Thomas alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell were also believed to have this disorder. The world leaders like Churchill and Roosevelt suffered the similar fate in their childhood. According to some estimates nearly 3 to 10% school going children in North America are diagnosed with some forms of ADHD. So you can see, you are not the only parent whose child has ADHD and you should in fact take relief in the fact that many children in spite of having this kind of disorder became extremely successful in their chosen career at a later stage of their lives.

As the name suggests, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a behavioral problem among the children. The disorder manifests differently in different patients. The symptoms of ADHD are related to four major areas of behavior: inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and boredom. The children diagnosed with ADHD are easily distracted, and have difficulty in remaining seated still; instead they run around everywhere. These hyper active kids are prone to maker careless mistakes and find difficulties in responding to instructions and often late or fail to complete a given task. They generally display a very short temper, throwing all kinds of tantrums, talks excessively and interrupt a lot when they are supposed to keep quiet.

Often the parents in their subconscious minds blame themselves for any kind of disorder in their children. But in case of ADHD, the parents should not feel any guilty complex, for it does not result from bad parenting or other environmental factors like dysfunctional homes, separated parents etc. It is purely caused by biological and physical factors. Genes are also responsible for a child’s being suffered from ADHD. The root of the problem lies in the chemical imbalance of brain leading to some metabolic dysfunction in which neurological demands are not responded sufficiently and the information are not processed adequately. This insufficiency makes the child’s brain overwork and the child becomes overstressed easily. Then, through ear infections, food allergies or due to complexities during pregnancy or even lead poisoning and head injury, ADHD may occur in some children.

ADHD can be dealt with medications and several behavioral therapies. The ADHD medication emphasizes on development of neural building material to stimulate brain’s functioning. Most experts are of the view that a systematic management of the disorder involves a three steps treatment involving school environment, home environment and medication. An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) in school is what gives the most positive support to these children. The support from the teachers at school and among peer groups are also important for an effective management of ADHD in a child.

The scientific researches are full of evidences that with a comprehensive treatment of ADHD, it is possible to turn your child a respectable and contributing member of society in latter course of his or her life.