Depression is an illness of the mind. It is where neurotransmitters in the brain are not balanced out. There is no way to overcome this illness without treatment and it can be serious and in some cases harmful.

Some of the symptoms of depression include:

  • Feeling sad and upset a lot of the time.
  • Thinking about the bad things in life and what has went wrong with your life.
  • You feel like you’re always weighing other people down and holding them back from having a good time.
  • You have physical pain over different parts of your body that has no medical cause.

Depression affects many people of this world and probably affects you or someone close to you. The good thing about it being so common is how easy it is to find a cure. Some of the cures for depression include:

  • Medication. Medication includes different types of medicines which help to fight the symptoms of depression. They fall under three main categories.
    1. Tricyclics (example: Norpramin)
    2. SSRI (example: Prozac)
    3. MAOI (example: Nardil)
  • St. Johns’ Wort has also been proven effective in curing depression. This is an all natural herbal cure which some people prefer to medication.
  • Acupuncture has also been tried to help treat depression patients.

Changing the way you feel about yourself. While this seems like it wouldn’t work one of the best ways to fight this disease is to look at life with a positive attitude. What this means is to mentally tell yourself to stop sulking around and to think of all the good things that life has brought you.

Depression can be caused by abuse, bad feelings, and mental expectations that you can’t meet. Verbal and mental abuse seems to be some of the leading causes of depression. Some scientists believe that depression is a way of the patient asking to be treated better by the people around them. Studies suggest that depression works, in a way to achieve that goal.

If you have depression it’s best you seek immediate advice about how to treat your disease. Remember, if not taken seriously it can cause harmful long term effects.

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