It is easy to dismiss depression as weak minded or something that just doesn’t affect you, however if you or someone you care about has ever suffered from depression, you know that depression is very real and often not something that will just go away. Depression has been portrayed in movies, t.v. and books since they were introduced to the world and is often the butt of the joke, but what does it mean today when we refer to a depression or a depressive disorder?

I find it very unfortunate that quite a number of people have not been told that depression, while potentially severe is a treatable illness and as such there is help available. More than just something that is in your head, it is very real and affecting at least one person you know right now. Behind heart disease it is the biggest reason for days off work in the United States which is quite an important fact. It has been known to tear families apart, which is a tragedy that may have been avoided. You need to understand what it is, the cause and how it actually affects you. So lets look at what it actually is, thats affecting so many lives

It has been noted in a large medical study, that depression has caused quite significant symptoms in those tested, even more than arthritis, chronic lung disease, hypertension, and diabetes. In two categories of problems it is side by side with coronary artery disease. More than just feeling down, sad or a bit off it is a medical condition, the same way that diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease is. If treatment is not sought it can have complete control over your mood, physical health, behavior and even your thoughts and feelings.

Depression symptoms are characterized not only by negative thoughts and moods, but also by specific changes in your body’s functions such as, irregular eating, sleeping, crying spells, and decreased sex drive. If nothing is done it can increase the risk of developing coronary artery disease, HIV, and asthma, among others. Much more than just a sad mood, if not adequately treated, it can become severe in affecting an individual’s emotions and feelings, and the thing is, that everyone is at risk.

It is widely noted that depression affects women much more frequently than men, the reason for this however is still not completely clear. It is also common, besides the fact that women are generally affected more than men, that women will more often try and work the problem themselves more than men tend to do. Sometimes, clearly this can work, but it really does come down to the root cause. Good news is that depression, when treated can be helped or cured in more than 80% of all individuals. The unfortunate part is that most people suffering will not try and find help. Just talking about the problem openly can actually help to reduce the symptoms.

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