Depression has become a very common disorder, these days. The condition is very common among people who have to deal with hectic schedule, severe competition and a lot of problems related to daily life. Some people are able to overcome depression easily but others take it to heart and get seriously ill.

Once, this disorder takes a serious form, it becomes really difficult to handle. Several treatments are available these days due to the frequent occurrence of this disorder among huge population size.

The best part is that almost all these treatments are effective and can help the patient to overcome the trauma. Here is a description on various types of treatments available across the globe to treat depression.

a) Psychotherapy

An individual suffering from depression usually faces a traumatic period. This tends to affect his work, social life and family life. It becomes really difficult for one to relate to the environment around him when under the influence of depression.

Psychotherapy is a treatment option that involves several techniques to treat depression. The whole treatment can actually vary from 2-3 weeks to about twenty weeks. The main technique of the therapy is counseling that has almost become a Xerox to psychotherapy.

The technique involves both the client as well as his family. The primary techniques involved in psychotherapy include cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT and interpersonal therapy or IPT. CBT is a type of treatment that involves anxiety, depression or any other type of mental disorder. The therapy is actually based on the mechanism of thought process.

It is a known fact that depressed people are attracted to negative thoughts and they are constantly surrounded by failure. The therapists work really hard to change the whole thought process towards positive side. It becomes really important for the therapist to practice patience when listening to the patients. The therapy is known to be extremely effective and people who actually take it do not face a relapse.

The other therapy known as Interpersonal therapy is a short term therapy and limited to only about 15-20 sessions. Each session is of one hour and the primary approach of this therapy is to find the root cause of the problem. The whole process is really helpful for the person when it comes to emerging out of a traumatic relationship or certain events.

b) Psychodynamic therapy

The therapy is also very effective to treat depression. This relates to trauma or certain type of conflicts one had faced in his or her childhood. It is a short term treatment.

c) Group therapy

This therapy involves people suffering from trauma at childhood. They get an opportunity to interact with each other and it is usually quite effective. The sharing of experience is a great way to combat depression. These people also learn different ways to handle it.

d) Medications used for treating depression

  • Serotonin
  • Tricyclics
  • Nardil
  • Parnate
  • Buspar
  • Cymbalta
  • Desyrel
  • Effexor

e) Electro conclusive therapy

The therapy is provided under severe conditions of depressions, insomnia, schizophrenia, suicide, compulsive behavior or homicide.

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