You certainly feel stressed from time to time: negative emotions and fatigue quite often come while you’re at work, and it seems really difficult to get rid of them, distract, and relax a little bit. To provide some examples, 80% of workers are stressed while managing their daily activities (especially those in the USA and China), and almost half admits they need aid in reducing stress and anxiety.

Beyond that, according to the statistics, 75% of adults encounter moderate or high levels of stress during few months, with 1 out of 75 persons experiencing panic disorder. Stress is also a top health concern for US and Australian teens.

Best Stress Relief Games

There are several ways to cope with stress from reading a book to yoga. This article explains how you can use stress relief games to help manage your stress.

1. Bubble Wrap

Control Your Emotions: Top 5 Stress Relief Games: Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is a great game for reducing stress. Bubble wrap popping beloved by many people is now available virtually. Just press the bubbles with fingers and make them explode, thus, getting rid of destructive emotions. This free mobile app is also a time killer: you can play it while waiting in a queue or during a long and tiring trip.

There’s an option to pop bubbles as long as you desire, or opt for a mini-game (Blitz Pop: the number of bubbles popped within a minute; Pop 500: the speed at which you pop 500 bubbles; Pop All: how fast you’ll be able to pop the whole sheet that includes 2,000 bubbles).

The app offers a range of colors, pleasant sounds and allows users to change the bubble size.

2. Color Break

Control Your Emotions: Top 5 Stress Relief Games: Color Break
Color Break

Color Break grants a marvelous opportunity to relax and make fun. Try digital painting using your fingertips or stylus and relish an amazing variety of patterns. This app will help to encourage your creativity and forget about a tough day.

This stress reliever game boasts an unlimited number of colors and lets users share finished works with friends via emails. This is a great “quiet” game that you can play at work without drawing too much attention your way!

3. Personal Zen

Personal Zen is another game for handling stress and anxiety. The app was created with the assistance of neuroscientists, and it’s clinically proven to help people to battle painful emotions and exercise the brain for better wellness.

Researchers say it is a bright idea to play Personal Zen a couple of times a week for about 5-10 minutes. However, the longer you play, the better influence on your well-being you experience.

Furthermore, the game trains your brain so that you can concentrate on positive things in your life and throw away negatives. Just accurately follow the path of a friendly sprite on the screen without allowing the evil one to distract you.

4. Paper Toss

Control Your Emotions: Top 5 Stress Relief Games: Paper Toss
Paper Toss

Paper Toss is a nice app to use during a break at work. Whenever you feel exhausted and need to relax, take a crumpled piece of paper to make it in a trash basket on your mobile phone.

The game offers an automatic count of balls that reached the target, 7 levels of difficulty, stunning graphics, great flick control, natural sounds at the office with comments from angry co-workers, varying speed of the paper flight, and more.

So, feel free to have a short break and rest with the Paper Toss app.

5. Relaxing Puzzler

Control Your Emotions: Top 5 Stress Relief Games: Relaxing Puzzler
Relaxing Puzzler

Relaxing Puzzler represents a meditative puzzle game with which you’ll be able to take your time and have a rest. Hypnotic soundtracks by Winterpark will give you an opportunity to meditate and reach the state of serenity without noticing the change.

The app, inspired by meditative art styles, is easy to use: you just guide the energy by moving rocks around the mystic garden and relax to the full.


Tetris is an “oldy but a goody”. It is a game that is readily available on a handful of platforms and is user friendly regardless of your level of exposure to video gaming. Tetris had to be doing something more than simply providing some light entertainment for an hour or two for it to be around this long…In fact there ongoing research for using Tetris in clinical settings in order to help treat symptoms of PTSD


These are only few mobile games able to alleviate anxiety and help feel relaxed for a certain period of time. However, you can use ordinary ways to respond to the challenge of improving your mental health, find other custom healthcare applications (not mentioned above) to address your personal needs or invent some original methods to control emotions. That has been significant research performed on the use of mindfulness based stress reduction for the use of managing and decreasing stress. 

Find the mindfulness activity that works for you and start taking control of your stress.

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