Stress has never been more omnipresent in our lives today. Our society has cultivated a highly competitive arena where one has to fight tooth and nail to claw their way to survival. One fortunate turn of events is that people are now becoming more aware of this fact, as compared to a decade ago, and is now turning towards a healthier alternative in battling stress and anxiety. And the wonder boy of alternative treatments for stress, anxiety and depression treatments is the Rosea Rhodiola.

In the same Russian studies made on a hundred test subjects, which were released to the rest of the world after the cold war, more than three fourths of the subjects who suffer from depression showed that there was a noticeable decline in their symptoms, and half of them stated that they felt that their depression was gone. Another clinical study showed that cognitive and mental abilities were enhanced and those who took part in the battery of tests had a decrease of an average of eighty seven percent in their errors when proofreading.

While many medical research studies in the past have been done in Russia, where there is an abundance of Rosea Rhodiola, many clinics around the world have made their own studies and have made factual discoveries about their capabilities in treating various health conditions, some of which includes anti aging properties, preventing chronic fatigue syndrome, and treating cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and of course, depression. How? Because the components and compounds found in the Rosea Rhodiola is able to balance optimally the chemicals in the brain and its neuro-transmitters, the serotonin and dopamine. It also has a positive effect on the opioid peptides like the beta-endorphins.

The Western world has not been fortunate enough to discover the many wonderful benefits of the Rosea Rhodiola until now. It has been around for centuries and has been an essential element in European and Asian medical cultures. In Russia alone, where it is better known as golden root, it has been the plant of choice for its military troops and KGB agents for its medicinal properties in fighting depression, stress and fatigue for those who have been assigned to Siberia and other extreme weather and high altitude posts. It also boosts the immune system allowing our body to fight of ailments and also provide energy.

These results show that Rosea Rhodiola is extremely effective and will give a positive impact in your life. How long has it been since you feel very relaxed and not be guilty about it? Sure we all need the opportunity to unwind and let go of all our worries, treat ourselves to a luxurious spa or a vacation, but, there is no escaping the fact that once our vacation or spa treatment is over, we go back to the rat race. With Rosea Rhodiola, you can have the opportunity to feel relaxed all the time and be healthier at the same time.

The Rosea Rhodiola has already developed a long history of being used as a medicinal plant. Ancient cultures have mentioned them in their medical texts and have attributed to it numerous uses for a variety of ailments as medication of symptoms relief. For example, Siberians and Scandinavians have long grew and used them to help strengthen their bodies to weather the extremely harsh cold climates and when they go up the mountains for exploration and hunting. And legend has it that in the modern ages, the Soviet Union, used the Rosea Rhodiola, known also as arctic root and golden root, for the same purposes for their KGB agents. This is because of its highly known capabilities of relieving stress of the body and mind allowing them to keep their wits during these times where they are susceptible to breaking down.

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