Author: Wade Robins

Controlling Stress At Work

The everyday excitement of life tells everyone that it is a game of the best on top. If you want to be the one that is on top you will need to be prepared to tackle anything that comes before you at work. You will need to become ready to deal with many types of stress that will come from work. New developments in the workplace have made stress higher than it was before. Knowing this bit of information is also realizing that the well being of the workers is in a decline. At work, many different kinds of...

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Misunderstandings About Depression

“They canceled ‘Wedding Belles.’ Boy, am I depressed.” “The price of gas is really depressing me.” “I’m turning 40 next month. What a depressing thought.” Go ahead and add your own cry of pain to the list, and then stop and ask why, if you are truly clinically depressed, you were watching a TV series as light an frothy as “Wedding Belles”, or driving around trying to save $.02 per gallon, or were even able to think as far ahead as next month. The words “depressed” and “depression” are undoubtedly two of the most carelessly used in the English...

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