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Boss Bullies

by Dr Arlene K Unger, PhD, Cert. Employee Assistance Prof., Wellness/Executive Coach Encounters with hypercritical and aggressive bosses that are never satisfied, can make the work you could love seem unfulfilling and tedious.  Then again, maybe YOU really ARE the problem! Does your “Boss Bully” have just cause, but inappropriate methods? Or does s/he treat most everyone with contempt? Assuming the “Boss Bully” really is a bully, what can be done about it? Often, as companies are forced to streamline, the staff gets leaner, the workloads get bigger, and bosses get meaner. Vacation and sick time, deadlines and workloads, and...

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Mindful Affirmations

Mindfulness is simply an introspective method for grounding your thoughts, emotions and behaviors in the reality you are currently experiencing, so you can stand back, observe, understand yourself more fully and take care of your needs. Mindfulness is also about reducing nonproductive behavior, creatively managing stress, cultivating inherent strengths, reconnecting with your happier self and seeing things with more clarity. Affirmations are declarative statements about something you now know, did, or intend to do. When you use an Affirmation you are not only being aware of your thoughts, but you are taking conscious control of them. When you say, write, read or even think of an Affirmation, you are, in effect, taking steps to acknowledge what is worthwhile about you. “Mindful  Affirmations” are not simply inspirational sayings but, are carefully constructed, thought provoking phrases that loosely derive from Mindfulness ideas of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, who founded the medical and meditative models of Mindfulness. The conveniently sized book “Presence of Mind – Mindful Affirmations” is a compilation of beautiful Affirmations and images that are carefully written to improve COPING SKILLS through affirmations, beautiful images and self-journaling. CLICK HERE for a direct link to the book “Presence of Mind – Mindful Affirmations” at Dr Arlene K Unger has a busy private clinical psychology practice located at The Center for Empowerment, Dana Point, CA, USA. She has been active in online therapy for...

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Can Positive Thinking Help with Weight Loss?

Arlene K Unger, PhD Clinical Psychologist (PSY) Wellness Coach Certified nutritionist The Center for Empowerment Dana Point, CA 92629 Optimism may be the key to successful weight loss. According to Sally Squires of the Washington Post, positive thinking may be a better predictor of keeping weight off then eliminating something we’re eating. There have been numerous studies showing that obese individuals who believed that they would successfully lose weight while adhering to a weight loss program lost more pounds than their less trusting, dieting counterparts. The basis of a positive attitude in a weight loss regime is the belief that no matter what, you will succeed. This is what supports positive behavior change and discourages negative habits. Believing in what you are doing and your performance is the basis of self–fulfillment. In his book, Bobby Greene, a former 438 pound nineteen year old, tells how he lost 258 lbs by just changing his attitude. He was obsessed with available fast food until he stepped on an industrial scale and realized that he had to, and could do, something about his lifestyle. At age 35 Bobby reminds his audience that it was his dedication to living and belief that he could turn things around that helped him not only lose weight but also, indefinitely keep the weight off. Like Bobby, adopting a positive attitude can give you a clear road...

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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness Arlene K Unger, PhD Clinical Psychologist (PSY) Wellness Coach Certified nutritionist The Center for Empowerment Dana Point, CA 92629 Everyone wants to “find” happiness … but happiness is not really a destination or an object that can be lost or found … it’s a state of mind, or a goal for living your life (the phrase “pursuit of happiness” is prescient on the part of our Founding Fathers!). You don’t simply find, or lose, happiness … your mind has to be prepared either way. If you only evaluate your happiness based on your possessions or achievements, or...

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Holiday Stress Busting: Eat, Drink, Spend … and be Miserable?

Keeping Food in Balance by Arlene K Unger, PhD (PSY) According to the American Heart Association, we run the risk of gaining five or more pounds between Halloween and New Years. We add an average of 200 calories more per day than we really need. Such calories come from that ounce of fudge we can’t resist, that extra helping of gravy, that one glass too many of eggnog or that irresistible slice of pecan pie. Our senses are overwhelmed with the smells of caramel apples, and savory baked turkeys. It seems almost impossible to take refuge in sitting as far away from the decorative tables abound with rich pastries and trays of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres bombarding us at every turn. Typically, holiday gatherings subtly encourage people to indulge in high-fat, high-calorie foods and drink empty calories that are low in nutrients. On top of that, we’re more likely to make excuses for skipping, or skimping, on our daily exercise. Remember: more calories in and less calories burned means weight gain. Sipping on water and nibbling carrots when most everyone around us is devouring every morsel they can find only compounds our challenge. The secret is to indulge yourself a little, but within reason, that is, indulge in some long range planning to maintain overall balance in your food consumption. With a little preplanning, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle...

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