Author: Steven A. Frankel, MD

The Analyst’s Role in the Disruption and Repair Sequence in Psychoanalysis

Disruptions in psychoanalytic work go by many names depending on the theory and the alleged source of the problem. Transferences originate within the analysand and may shatter cooperativeengagement with the analyst. Problematic countertransferences are contributed by the analyst, as a reflection of projective identification orchestrated by the patient or of the analyst’s transferences. Unsettling enacted unconscious scenarios originate primarily in the analyst, analysand or both. An intersubjective perspective has each partner influencing and deflecting the other. Their individual contributions are inseparable. A point of view emphasizing discontinuity in experience substitutes dissociation for repression. The analyst represents a way of...

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Interpersonal Strategies Used in Resolving Analytic Disjunctions

Disjunctions between analyst and analysand are ubiquitous in psychoanalysis, the breaches ranging from major disruptions to subtle misunderstandings. This paper describes how analysand and analyst use interpersonal strategies to reengage and restore analytic rapport. The responsibility for initiating these reparative efforts shifts back and forth between analytic partners. While this activity may be unacknowledged analytically, it involves at least two interactive strategies, confrontation and role enactment, both of which communicate the subject’s awareness of a disjunction and the distress and need it elicits. In addition to reviving the analysis, the repair of disjunctions establishes a more complex and enduring...

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