Author: Shay Villere

The Bipolar Disorder Manual: Hospital Edition

Foreword It has been about two years since I wrote “The bipolar disorder Manual”. It was written completely on a whim, with no future plans to sell or distribute it. I was unemployed for a few months after graduating from college, and my parents suggested that I take advantage of that time and do some writing. I wrangled with the idea for a while, already pretty busy with the website I’d been running for a few years, but I finally decided that “The Bipolar Disorder Manual” should be written. Even if no one else ever read it, I would...

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The Bipolar Disorder Manual

Foreword So, you’ve just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, aka Manic Depression. The first thing I want to tell you is that the world is not over. Life does continue. Even though you are probably looking through this booklet while in a psychiatrist’s office or a hospital room, life does go on – and happily, I might add. The fact that you are Bipolar is simply another challenge to deal with, and should be regarded as such. Of course, being Bipolar is a special challenge. It’s not like studying for a test or performing well in a sporting event....

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