Author: Sera Redmonds

Meditation: No Space for Stress

Rising competition & routine hassles has gifted us an unwanted evil – stress. Nowadays you will find several techniques & medications to deal with stress & stressors. But you yourself are the best doctor of any mental problem. Meditation has appeared as a self-boosting & soul enriching technique that not only helps relieve from stress but also relax the mind with sustained concentration. These days, meditation has become one of the most effective & popular stress management tools. Meditation is incredible way to lighten up & relax during & at the end of a stressful day. By little &...

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Deal with Your Fear, Worry and Anxiety; Take Your First Step Towards Happiness

Fear, worry and anxiety are the signals from our mind asking us to take action against an adverse situation or a danger. This danger can be of any type; threat to our physical or emotional well being, not doing well in a test, losing a job or losing a friend or even a close companion. But when these normal traits of human mind begin to affect our life negatively, then it becomes a disorder. Excessive worry or anxiety cause a lot of stress on our minds and bodies, and even affect our health. There are ways to overcome or...

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Creating Stress in Your Life with Have-to, Must, Need-to Statements

“I have to finish the report today by 4 so that it can reach them by 5 and all formalities get completed today.” As you add another thing in your to-do list you feel like a bang on your head! You need not when you can handle it… hold your horses! Are you demanding too much from yourself with the haunting words like Have-to, Must, and Need-to? You can fight with the world outside you, but what will you do when you are damaging your own self by talking all wrong things with yourself? We actually do not pay...

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