Author: Samantha Davis

Straight Talk About Bipolar Disease

An estimated 2 million Americans suffer from bipolar disease. Unfortunately, many of them make the walk alone, with few others understanding this condition and its impacts on a person’s life. The reality is many people mistakenly believe those suffering from bipolar disease have control over their behavior. They blame the mood swings on other things and expect for a person to have the ability to “snap out of it” or “get it together.” Sadly, with a misdiagnoses rate that is extremely high and a biological root for the condition, getting bipolar disease under wraps isn’t as easy as many...

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8 Common Bipolar Questions Answered

With more than 2 million Americans alone suffering from bipolar symptoms, it is little wonder so many people have questions about this condition. This serious mental illness can be rather scary to confront, but arming oneself with the right answers to some of the most common questions is one of the first places to start to help deal with it. What does bipolar mean?Bipolar disorder is a biological/mental illness that tends to result in very wide mood swings. People who suffer from the disorder are known to go through manic highs and depressed lows. The symptoms can be very...

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