Author: Ryan Jackson

3 Reasons Why Addiction is a Disease and Not a Choice

3 Reasons Why Addiction is a Disease and Not a Choice The debate has been around for as long as people have been addicted to substances. On one side, some people firmly hold onto the belief that addiction is a choice, and users can stop at any time if they set their minds to it. On the other side, others proclaim that addiction is a physical disease requiring medical and psychological intervention. Which side are you on? Are you with the “addiction’s not a real disease” proponents? Or maybe you have the mindset that substance abuse is a legitimate...

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Demystifying The Link Between Peer Pressure And Addiction

Demystifying The Link Between Peer Pressure And Addiction A peer is someone with the same level of understanding. It might be a person with equal age, grade within a profession or economic class. Your peer group is people of same age and status whom you spend time together. So, peer pressure is the influence on your lifestyle from your circle of friends. Most times, it involves adapting behaviors these individuals would not do themselves. If your group values a particular behavior, there might be pressure to conform to it. Do your friends drink or use drugs? It might be...

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What You Can Learn From The Opioid Epidemic

Opioid dependency is a severe health crisis with epidemic proportion in the U.S. Once considered only to affect military veterans, it has now spread to all sections of our society. Millions of people especially the elderly are affected by this scourge. Opioids are used to relieve pain and sometimes prescribed during dental procedures, surgery, and treatment of injuries. They prescribe them to people with chronic illness like cancer. Prescribed opioids can become addictive when stolen or misused for recreational purpose. Below is what you can learn from the opioid crisis. The most common opioids include heroin, morphine, and painkillers....

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How to Beat the Abysmal Alcohol Rehab Statistics

For the addict who has decided to get clean, they may look at the success rate of rehab facilities and feel less than enthusiastic about their chances. When more than half of those in rehab are doomed to fail, it doesn’t give the person who needs rehab much hope.  The current fail rate sits somewhere between 50% and 90%.  The reason why the numbers are so low has a lot to do with how addiction is perceived in this country. It also has a lot to do with how the addict perceives their own addiction. People turn to alcohol...

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