Author: Ridgely Goldsborough

Indescribable Love

Enough already. After five years of either pregnancy or breastfeeding, Alison finally threw in the towel. At least she tried to. Miss Camille had other ideas-which she expressed by shrieking relentlessly in the middle of the night until Mom caved-just before Camille woke up the rest of the county. We can all take a page from the negotiating book of a two year-old-loudly and unashamedly demand what you want without reprieve until you get it. Almost always works. Plan A-gradual weaning, failed miserably, as did plan B-reasoning, plan C-bribery, and a few more already forgotten. On to plan D-cold turkey. Mom disappears after dark, spends the evenings at Grandma’s. Dad takes care of the kids until dawn-for two straight weeks. Here we go. It’s day five and I’m beat. Last night looked something like this. 9:30 PM-ish-Dad steals a solitary moment of peace in the living room, with a good book and a respectable glass of chardonnay. Dad makes it through six pages, still exhausted from day four’s nocturnal campaign, crashes before 10. 12:42 AM-Camille cries out. Dad leaps up and goes to comfort her. “Where’s Mama?” she asks. “She’s working,” I answer. Okay, so I lied-guilty as charged. I couldn’t think of anything better on short notice. “I want my Baba,” she demands. “I’ll make it for you,” I obey. “I want to come with you.” She climbs...

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Inch by Inch

Bob rocked back and forth three times in his wheelchair before coming to his feet. He grabbed the walker with his left arm — the “good one” — and began the 30-foot journey down the sidewalk in front of his house. I marveled at how much he had improved since my last trip a month before. He finally began to walk on his own. He placed most of his weight on his left leg, dragged the less cooperative right one forward, then used his walker to take the next step. Sweat gathered on his brow, glistening in the morning...

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