Author: Peony Wong

An Introduction to Attention Deficit Disorder

One of the most wrongly diagnosed and wrongly understood neurological conditions in the world is Attention Deficit Disorder or more commonly known with its acronym of ADD. The reality is that the majority of people lacks a proper understanding of the disorder, and also would not be able to identify it if they met a person with ADD. This article, and there is more to follow, intends to give you information about ADD, the meaning of the disorder, the methods by which it is diagnosed, the various treatments, and some topics regarding the issue. And let’s hope that this would be a valuable tool by which your knowledge and ability to understand the disorder will increase. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or shortly ADHD/ADD, is a problem where the individual who is affected by it fails to be attentive for a long period of time. Motor restlessness and impulsive behavior are other indications of the disorder. Reports suggest that approximately 4.4% of all adults possess some degree of ADD. ADD is understood as a disorder of the neurobiological type caused in brain by a glitch in the dopamine neurotransmitter systems. Genes play a huge part in maximum cases. There is 30% chance for a child to have ADD if a parent or near kith and kin has the disorder. In cases of twin children, if one of the pair has...

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Attention Deficit Disorder: Getting Your Facts Right

With all that is written about ADHD, most of us tend to think of a bad little lad running about ruining whatever comes his way. So we often believe that we can spot the child with ADD while we are out. Well the naughty little boy is there fine, but did we ever spare a thought about the little girl who sits quiet and withdrawn with her mother, one who is overtly polite, terribly afraid to speak out and draws a blank when spoken to? In all probabilities, everyone would fail to guess that she might be suffering from...

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