Author: Patrick Glancy

Stress Reduction in a Few Relaxing Minutes

What makes your stress worse? Your job? Money? Moving? Love or lack of it? Physical or emotional pain? Your in-laws? How much of your feeling of stress is based off of your current situations, and how much is based off of your past situations? You probably know what I mean by that, but the answer is not always clear when you’re in the middle of it. You are aware that managing and reducing stress can prevent lots of problems. Problems with health, sleep, poor diet potential addiction, and more. Stopping these problems before they start is just smart. I...

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Stress Can be Funny

stress is funny. Not ha-ha funny, but odd funny. It can motivate you to improve your life. But, it can also ruin your health and your life. How stress affects you Depends on your quantity of stress and what kinds of stress you have. It can also depend on what kinds of stress you’ve had in your past and how you learned to deal with it. The biological signs of stress are meant to help you physically survive. In your world, this is rarely helpful, since most stress today is psychological. Psychological stress will stem from problems such as...

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Stress Management: Take a Deep Breath

stress is all around us, in our daily lives, at work, at home everywhere. Often many people feel their stress is unmanageable and out of control. In order to lead a happy and healthy life, it is necessary to limit the stress you have. You must know how to address both the stress triggers and responses you have to stressful situations. Behavior modification can get you on the right path. Your pulse races, your chest feels tight, you feel depressed and hopeless. This is how many people describe being stressed out. Often stress can feel unmanageable and overwhelming, just...

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