Author: Nancy Mehegan

10 steps to Freedom from Emotional Eating

When we journey into the “Void”, the truth we discover may be that we really want to quit the awful job, the dead relationship, yell and scream, and dance, and do anything other than shovel food and feelings into our body and soul. I am a binge eater and overeater. I suffered through years of calorie counting and ‘yo-yo’ dieting, with little success. I frantically ate chocolate truffles when I wasn’t hungry. I was overweight and ashamed. One day I luckily stumbled upon Created by a recovered bulimic, author (“Living Binge-Free”, “Beyond the Food Game”),and psychotherapist, Jane Latimer, this innovative model approaches overeating from a new perspective. They talk about ‘aliveness’ and feelings and tuning into our bodies, not about calorie counting. This incredible online curriculum (teleclasses and emailed lessons) gave me my first freedom from binging. Through the gateway of the wound When we go beyond calorie-counting we take a journey into the place where some of the ‘yucky’ feelings are. But it is exactly in this place, ‘through the gateway of the wound’ that we can enter to travel beyond the overeating and binging symptoms, to re-emerge into the incredible aliveness and joy trapped in the eating patterns. The following are the steps that led me out of the nightmare of binge-eating: 10 Steps to Freedom from Emotional Eating 1. Love yourself I learned to love...

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The Aliveness Experience: How fiercely alive are you?

How Alive do you feel? Is your AQ or ALIVENESS QUOTIENT a 10? These were the questions raised by Sacred Hunger, a program I stumbled upon on the Internet. They told me I could have more energy, more passion, feel more alive, and express my fiercely alive and authentic self in the world. Wow, it sounded good. They talked about increasing your AQ through “Radical Self-Care”. They said that underneath compulsive behaviors such as binge eating, there is often a vibrant aliveness trapped in the eating patterns. This grabbed my attention. I do feel drained at my job and...

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