Author: Michelle Bery

Experimenting With An Attention Deficit Disorder Diet

As anyone who battles with Attention Deficit Disorder – or struggles along with a child – will tell you, there is little you would not do to reduce symptoms in an effort to manage the  daily struggles of this condition. Effective medications continue to make their way to market and experienced health care providers continue to make strides in battling this disorder. So  it stands to reason that those who struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder would gladly assess the benefits of an Attention Deficit Disorder diet should it show promise for success. In the past, before much was known...

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Learning How To Manage Stress In A Chaotic World

In today’s world where we struggle to balance work, family, and finances, stress can sometimes feel like the most prevalent thing in our life. Weighing heavily on our shoulders, stress captures us in its grip as we fall victim to the myriad of physical and emotional repercussions. While a small amount of stress can be a healthy – even motivational – tool to help us achieve our goals and meet deadlines, long term and consistent stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. Learning how to manage stress can mean the difference between a happy, healthy life and...

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Joining An Attention Deficit Disorder Support Group

Living with the effects of Attention Deficit Disorder can be overwhelming and enormously demanding. Everyday activities that are barely noticed by other people take on a whole new set of challenges when you have Attention Deficit Disorder. The impact on one’s daily life can really only be understood by those who have also experienced it. For this reason, many who suffer from this condition often find participation in an Attention Deficit Disorder Support Group to be enormously helpful. Those who have studied Attention Deficit Disorder are unclear as to its origin but are in agreement that it is most...

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