Author: Michael G Millett, PhD

The Male and Female Within All of Us

Within every man lies a female aspect, which is called ‘anima’. Likewise in every woman there is a male aspect which we call ‘animus’. The patterns for the male and female aspects in a person are laid down predominantly by the example of masculinity and femininity illustrated by a persons’ parents or carers. In addition, a person is born with certain tendencies, which were inherited or even brought over from a past life to slightly complicate things a little further. It is interesting as these patterns develop unconsciously; we are not aware of the process and think we are...

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What is Hypnosis?

Most people when asked if they have ever been hypnotized reply “No”, and are mistaken. Everyone has, perhaps quite frequently, been in a hypnotic state without realising it. In childhood, daydreaming which is so real to the child that the dream or imagined situation takes the place of ordinary reality, is essentially self-hypnosis. In adult life, many people still daydream occasionally, and most people will have episodes of absent-mindedness or abstraction at times, in which they are, as we say, “in a world of their own”. For instance, when driving down a familiar road, you may suddenly realist that...

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