Author: Maddy Gee

All The Answers

Conventional wisdom tells us that the smartest people have all the answers. From game shows like Jeopardy to documentary makers like Neal DeGrasse Tyson, bona fide smart people often have careers that allow them to profit from having all the answers. Martha Stewart, while not an academician, made a career out of having the answers to all of our questions, even before we had them, in some cases. Certainly not to disparage the people just mentioned who might not even define themselves as having all the right answers, but let me make a bold statement here: The smartest people...

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No Marketable Job Skills? Here Is Your Perfect Job!

Increasingly in the world, it has been recognized how local and world politics affects human beings, their lifestyles, and their mental constructs. At a time when many people are rebelling against ultra-religious extremists and austerity budgeting, it seems the perfect time to examine what is working and what isn’t. This is the first article in an occasional series. These are opinion pieces and reflect only the view of the author. No Marketable Job Skills? Here Is Your Perfect Job! Want a job that pays $400,000.00 a year and you don’t have to know a thing to get it? Want...

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