Author: Laura Roche

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

The symptoms of bipolar disorder are characterized by extremes of mood from severe depression to hypomania, mania, and elation. These are far more severe than the mood swings that most people experience and each episode can last weeks or months. Some people have more episodes of depression than mania and vice versa, whereas some types of Bipolar feature a ‘mixed state’, which involves experiencing both mania and depression simultaneously. There is also a type of Bipolar known as ‘rapid cycling’ in which people will experience quicker transitions between the spectrum of depression and mania and won’t feel any stability...

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Causes of Bipolar Disorder

There are no single definitive causes of bipolar disorder, but research has shown that a complex mix of social, physical and environmental factors can play a part in a person developing the condition. These can be broken down into areas such as genetics, chemical or biological factors and difficult life experiences. There are also certain risk factors which have been identified which can increase the likelihood of Bipolar. Research into medications to treat and manage Bipolar Disorder has shown that altering the levels of some of the brain’s chemical neurotransmitters can improve symptoms, which has led to the belief...

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Depression Lies: Ten Lies Depression Can Tell You

Depression Lies Depression has a nose longer than Pinocchio, but it can be difficult to see this when you are in the midst of its lies. I thought that because depression was inside me, that it was giving me accurate messages about myself and the world. But thirty years of living with it has shown me that it is nothing but a big fat liar. Depression would fall apart faster than a sandcastle in the Sahara if it ever took a lie detector test. Lie 1 – “Depression is reality” When I first experienced depression at the age of...

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What is Bipolar Disorder

What is bipolar disorder? Bipolar Disorder is a mental health condition characterized by extremes of mood. Formerly known as Manic Depression, a sufferer can experience severe depression along with periods of mania or hypomania. The condition can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or background and Bipolar is a relatively common illness affecting one in a hundred adults. It can occur at any age although it is more likely to develop between the ages of 18-24. It has proven difficult to establish the exact causes of the illness although it’s been shown that certain factors such as extreme stress,...

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What is Paternal Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum Depression is an illness usually associated with women, but it may come as a surprise to learn that it can also affect men. Studies have shown that one in ten new fathers will experience some of the symptoms of Paternal postpartum depression within three to six months of their baby being born, but their struggles are more likely to go unrecognised than those of their partner. As with female Postpartum Depression, there is no single cause for why some men develop Paternal Postpartum Depression and not others, although there are groups of men who have been shown to...

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